A program developed to engage and educate Virginia Beach elementary school students about the importance of trees in their community to improve water quality and to increase tree canopy by planting and preserving trees.

Soon after publishing the first issue of our township magazine, South Fayette Connect, in Spring 2016, businesses began asking to place advertisements. Rather than simply accept money in exchange for traditional ad placement, the Community Development Director/Magazine Editor and the Recreation Director created an interdepartmental program to offer advertisements ONLY as an incentive for sponsoring community or recreation events, such as Community Day or Movies in the Park. Businesses benefit from exposure, and the township benefits from enhanced community connections and program revenues.

In 2013, Pima County knew it could do better. Like most municipal animal shelters, it collaborated with rescue organizations, relied heavily on compassionate volunteers, and supported spay and neuter programs. And like most municipal animal shelters, it was euthanizing more than a third of the dogs and cats it housed.

Pima County serves a large urban population with significant service demands. The recession had further eroded available resources and strained budgets, making additional investment unlikely. County leadership knew the public had a higher standard – and decided to hire a development professional to ask for the community’s help in meeting it.