SCCCMA: Annual Awards

SCCCMA recognizes deserving members and collaborators.

The SCCCMA Bylaws provide a detailed description of the association's awards and honors in Article 13.


Article 13: Awards

  • Section 1. Lifetime Achievement Award 

Purpose – The Lifetime Achievement Award is considered the highest honor the South Carolina City and County Management Association can convey.  The award is to recognize an individual who has devoted all or a significant portion of a professional career to local management for cities and/or counties.  In doing so the individual shall have upheld the highest standards of the profession as guided by the ICMA Code of Ethics.  The individual is recognized by peers as one to be emulated in their careers.  The recipient shall have served the South Carolina City and County Management Association with distinction.  Although the recipient should not be required to have served their entire career in the state of South Carolina, a significant portion, minimum of ten years, should have been within the state.  Eligible recipients shall be Life members or deceased with membership in the Association at the time of death.  Eligible candidates shall have been retired or deceased for a minimum of nine (9) months prior to the proposed date of award.

Selection Process - A proposed recipient shall be nominated by a minimum of five active Full or current Life members in good standing with the Association.  Nominations shall be made to the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall by a positive majority vote make the final determination.  Suitable presentation of the award shall be scheduled as circumstances warrant.

  • Section 2. Additional Awards. 

Awards programs may be established from time to time by the Board of Directors in accordance with guidelines and procedures as may be appropriate.  Such guidelines and procedures are included in an appendix to the bylaws.   They also are provided below.