Instant web-based publishing of citizen-submitted content

Sara Baughman ASKED

We are interested in creating a web-based sustainability map that interfaces with our city's GIS system to pull information like the number of bike lanes, acres of pollinator habitat, etc., but it also allows citizens to input information that then impacts the map and set progress goals (with filters to prevent objectionable material from being posted). In our ideal map, citizens can influence the map instantaneously without a cumbersome lag for administrative review. The user-submitted content would still be reviewed regularly to catch anything the filters miss, but no content approval would be required before the map updated with user content (similar to how we manage comments on our social media pages). Individuals and/or neighborhoods that reach certain participation levels in the various sustainability activities would receive recognition for their efforts, which is why the self-reporting of miles biked, bags of litter collected, rain gardens planted, etc. is needed. If you've done similar projects, did you partner with any specific vendors and can you link to examples? If you've published user submitted content instantaneously to a web platform or public-facing project other than social media, what challenges and successes did you encounter? Sustainability map example:


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