Help me understand how connectivity planning tools could assist your community and decision-making.

Shane Farthing ASKED

Hi everyone:

While working for a county planning board I worked to develop a GIS-based connectivity planning tool that lets local leaders see which communities are most disconnected from key destinations. Those can be user-defined, so they could be hospitals, government services, employment centers, whatever. If you want to know where to build your next trail connection or bike lane, it can tell you which project would connect the most people. If you want to know where to locate your next recreation center to be accessible to people who don't have cars, it can tell you that.

Presently, though, it's very complex to use and requires major GIS skills because it can be manipulated so many ways. I'm posting here to ask if any fellow ICMA members are interested in this sort of connectivity planning and would be willing to chat about how such planning and tools could help your community. I'm not selling anything. I just need feedback on how to take this monstrous GIS tool that can answer a million questions but nearly requires a PhD to operate, and simplify it so it's useful to decision-makers and the questions we mostly share.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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