Equality of information

Christopher Lowe ASKED

I have a fractured Board that dislikes one another intensely.  It has two factions, one is comprised by those members that hired me, the other, those that swept all incumbents out of office.  One Board member, appointed to fill a position vacated, believes that it is wholly inappropriate for individual Board members to have privated conversations at all with the Town Manager.  He believes that it is the responsibility of the manager to insure that all members of the Board have complete "equality of information" on all issues and that he should have all information that he needs to make a decision in written form in his Board packet.  Needless to say, the faction that hired me talks freely and openly to me.  The new faction, rarely communicates with me at all.  I have never heard of a stance that the Manager should not have conversations with individual Board members because isn't that kind of the point?  Any ideas on how to respond would be appreciated.