Electronic City Entrance Signs

Evan Berrett ASKED

Our City is about 20 minutes from the nearest freeway with two cities between us and that freeway. Although we are growing rapidly, it has come at a price. Economic development is difficult, and our City isn't entirely unified or have a sense of place (the City has only been around since 1996 but already has a population over 30,000). 

One of the proposed solutions has been to rebuild City entrance signs/monuments at three locations, possibly with electronic components so that we can communicate to our residents as they travel (most residents work outside the city). These of course come with a decent pricetag (we are estimating $150,000 total).

If your city has electronic entrance signs, have you found it/them to be beneficial to place-making, economic development, or communicating to residents? Any survey data or experiences that would support your experience with them? 

Thanks in advance.

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