Digitizing Personnel Files (Specifically FMLA Documentation)

CJ Mikucki ASKED


I co-administer my agency's FMLA program, which serves approximately 1,000 employees. Due to the size of our agency, the amount of paperwork associated with the FMLA, and the length of service many employees have achieved (thus creating additional annual/multiple condition FMLA paperwork), our hard-copy filing system is becoming both burdensome and obsolete.

I'm wondering if anyone on the board has any experience with digitizing personnel records, more specifically FMLA documentation, from hard-copy to digital. A few areas of concern I've come across in my research is the security of the drive (only those with authorized access would be allowed to view files), the size of the drive needed for all documentation, a filing system (separate folders for each employee with .pdf scans of each piece of documentation), and a plan for when to destroy hard-copy paperwork beyond the minimum three years requirement by the DOL.

As added background, we have eight almost full 4-drawer fireproof cabinets that have gone through significant wear-and-tear with daily access (we process about 8-10 FMLA requests and approvals per day), and realize this process may take more than a year. If we move to digitizing these records, we would still produce hard-copies of FMLA documentation and file away in the cabinets for the minimum three year period, so it will not completely reduce cabinet usage but will have a significant impact on cabinet space and amount of paperwork on-site. We believe the benefits far outweigh the costs in the long run to make this transition.

Again, if anyone has any comments or insight into making this process successful and as pain-free as possible, it would greatly be appreciated.