Managing Local Government: Cases in Effectiveness: Case 4: The Fire File (PDF)

The Fire File is the first of three cases in Part II: Achieving Effective Community Leadership, from Managing Local Government: Cases in Effectiveness.



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March 14, 2017

Trillium is a suburban city of 45,000 residents within a metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest. At the time the case unfolds, an initiative by the city’s voters has precipitated a serious budget crisis, forcing the city government’s officials to consider major changes in the way it serves (or discontinues serving) its citizens. The case is based on the author’s novel Playing with Fire (New York: Writers Club Press, 2001).

Case includes content from:

  • Ben Cromarty, City Manager
  • Betty Sue Castle, Assistant City Manager
  • Ken Longstreet, Finance Director
  • Max Oakley, Fire Chief
  • Diane McTavish, Mayor
  • Rob Titus, Maggie Henderson, Seth Rosenberg, Hank Arnold, City Council Members
  • Todd Pritchard, Business Owner

Managing Local Government: Cases in Effectiveness presents real-life dilemmas experienced by local managers making important decisions about supervising, hiring, economic development, staff misconduct, problem analysis in a political environment, sustainability, and more. Each case study highlights one or more of the 18 management practice areas identified by ICMA as fundamental to effective local government management. The case book is designed to complement ICMA's best-selling book, The Effective Local Government Manager (e-43830).



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