Making It Work: The Essentials of Council-Manager Relations (PDF)

A variety of suggested techniques and strategies to maximize the likelihood of establishing and maintaining an effective working relationship with your governing board.



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Few factors are as critical to the success of local government professional managers and the organizations they lead as is the quality of the relationship between the elected officials and the manager. Making It Work: The Essentials of Council-Manager Relations, a new e-book from ICMA, provides the competencies needed to build a relationship that is based on mutual respect, understanding of roles, and open communication.

With eight chapters written by two local government experts, Making It Work: The Essentials of Council-Manager Relations, challenges early and seasoned local government professionals to create connections and forge the bonds necessary to tackle the difficult issues that inevitably face all professionals at some point during their careers. Making It Work describes and shows the combination of relationship competencies and operational competencies that underpin a solid foundation for effective council-manager relations.

Local government professionals will find useful insights and approaches not-uncommon to council-manager relationship challenges, from using interpersonal and communication skills to best advantage, to learning how to manage the bumps in the road.

Highlights include:

  • Why getting the relationships right from the start is so important,
  • How to achieve clairty of roles, desired outcomes, and policy development,
  • Steps to establish mutual respect with elected leaders,
  • Why and how of conducting new council member orientiations,
  • Planning and preparing for effective meetings,
  • And more!

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