Emergency Management: Principles and Practice for Local Government, 2nd Edition (PDF)

The only comprehensive resource and textbook for state-of-the-art emergency management for local government.



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To be successful, public administrators need to be able to analyze and evaluate policies, and to understand analyses and evaluations done by others. They need to have some understanding of statistics. This publication was designed to provide local government officials with the tools necessary to design analyses; gather, analyze, and interpret information; present results; and make recommendations.

Statistics for Public Administration: Practical Uses for Better Decision Making, 2nd ed., is a book on research design and basic applied statistics. However, its primary purpose is not to help public managers master statistical theory; rather, it’s to demonstrate how statistics can help them do their jobs better. At the same time, a minimal understanding and appreciation of statistical theory is necessary to use data correctly. My overall goal is to make public administrators educated consumers of statistical information.

What You'll Learn:

  • Understand and describe general approaches to and problems with public sector research and data measurement
  • Conduct basic statistical analyses of raw data
  • Evaluate statistical research performed by others


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