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The Perfect Pair

This course, which consists of the combination of the Effective Supervisory Practices textbook and the Effective Supervisory Skill Building Study Guide, can be used in a variety of ways.

As a training program, the course provides all the ingredients you need to put together a thought-provoking, high-quality program for supervisors at all levels of your organization. Intended for groups who meet regularly to review information and develop skills through practice, application, and dialog, the textbook and study guide provide an effective curriculum for an internal training course. Together they also create a convenient resource for a book club or can be used as a self-guided development program and reference tool for an individual leader.

Training without the Travel!

This group course is the perfect tool for conducting in-house training sessions. Conduct the course where, when, and how you want. The flexible format allows you to meet when it’s most convenient for your employees and to tailor course materials specifically to suit their needs, experience, and abilities.

The course covers all aspects of supervision from planning and organizing to evaluating performance, from building a work team to addressing discipline problems. It also teaches skills that supervisors need to deal with new trends in local government, such as quality management; workplace diversity; and changes in technology, legislation, and values.

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