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The third edition of The Effective Local Government Manager (ELGM) reflects the changes taking place in democracy at the local level, the fierce competition among communities for a dwindling share of the global economy, the increasing number of relationships to be juggled in the course of managing local projects, and the personal pressures that managers can expect to face in their careers.

In addition to describing the political context in which local government managers work and the expectations of elected council and the wider community, this publication describes exactly what managers do: how they help elected officials provide effective leadership, how they make themselves a bridge between the community and the local government, how they help the community design its future, how they leverage resources, and how they promote quality in the delivery of local government services.

What's Inside:

  • The profession of local government manager: evolution and leadership styles
  • Achieving effective community leadership
  • Enhancing the governing body's effectiveness
  • Promoting the community's future
  • Essential management practices
  • Policy implementation, productivity, and program evaluation
  • Relating to other organizations
  • Leading a manager's life

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