Economic Development: Strategies for State and Local Practice, 2nd Edition (PDF)

A resource for local and state leaders to identify and capitalize on opportunities for economic development.



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March 14, 2017

Economic development programs can invigorate and sustain local economies. As a state or local government official, you are faced with numerous policy options—and the economic development strategies that you choose to pursue will have profound implications on the future of your community. You must make strategic choices after you’ve realistically assessed the strengths and limitations of your jurisdiction. The tools available to you are diverse, and the tradeoffs significant.

Get the knowledge and guidance you need to ensure you are making the best decisions for your community, in the new edition of Economic Development: Strategies for State and Local Practice. 

Rather than attempting to present a one-size-fits-all solution or approach that will work for every community, this book analyzes a variety of development techniques and demonstrates the consequences of various development strategies through real-world case studies—so that you are better equipped to assess the environment and make good choices.

What's Inside:

The impacts on local governments of globalization, collaboration, and the changing pace of technology are not fully realized yet, but strategic economic developers can take proactive steps in their communities to ensure a successful, livable, and vibrant future. Economic Development: Strategies for State and Local Practice will help you discover: 

  • How the local environment influences choice of economic development strategy How and why local leaders can identify the strengths and limitations of their jurisdictions and tailor their development approaches appropriately 
  • Different theories of economic development, including diverse views of the role of government 
  • Alternative perspectives (supply-side versus demand-side) within the context of the debate on the role of government 
  • Techniques and tools that can be applied to foster economic development, including financial incentives, tax incentives, and nonfinancial assistance -- and the risks and opportunities inherent in each 
  • The growth of “economic gardening” to encourage and support local business from the ground up 
  • Strategies for attracting and retaining the right kind of growth for your community 
  • Potential social implications of gambling as an economic development bet 
  • How states are experimenting with new types of public-private partnerships for improving infrastructure 
  • How political attitudes of a locality can facilitate growth in new high-tech industries 
  • Suggestions on how to maximize local educational resources to promote workforce training and development
  • How cities can improve land values in their jurisdictions And much more!


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