Public Speaking Skills—Making What You Have to Say Memorable

Learn and practice basic skills; understand what your audience wants; and use pitch, speed, and pauses to add interest.

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2.5 hour workshops: $2,500 plus travel and lodging.

Workshop: Public Speaking Skills—Making What You Have to Say Memorable

Basic skills of public speaking are practiced in this workshop. This includes understanding what your audience wants; answering their questions before they ask; using pitch, speed, and pauses to add interest to your presentation; and choosing words that work and gestures that make the point as well as presentation tips and techniques that allow you to focus on the audience and the message instead of your notes or nervousness. Come ready to make your next presentation a memorable one. The workshop will be tailored to the work that you do and to situations specific to the class participants. It is highly interactive. Onsite coaching to identify what is working well and what could be done better will be an important part of this workshop. (Practice Area 14 - Communication and Informtion Sharing) 

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