Body worn camera

Adoption of body-worn cameras (BWCs) by police departments has been supported by federal, state, and local governments in the United States, especially after 2015. Many police departments nationwide, even worldwide, have adopted BWCs. Police departments as well local governments may benefit from additional resources and guidance based on the experience of cities and counties, including leading practices for approaching and implementing BWC programs.

ICMA developed a fact sheet and provides marketing, outreach, and education for local government professionals on the use of BWCs.

ICMA’s work is performed as a subcontractor to CNA on a project funded by the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance. ICMA and CNA serve as subject-matter experts in developing the content and planning effective marketing and outreach activities.

ICMA has contributed to the project through the following:

  1. Developed an executive-level briefing (fact sheet) targeted directly to local government managers, which outlines the steps to take in planning and implementing a body-worn camera program and lists federal and other resources. The fact sheet is part of an extended content marketing campaign on use of BWCs and is distributed electronically and in print format at conferences that both CNA and ICMA attend.
  2. Implementing a content marketing campaign based on the fact sheet and other resources, which includes e-newsletter articles, downloadable checklists and infographics, social media, a webinar, and other resources distributed through the website and other communication channels of ICMA and its partners.
  3. Organized educational sessions and conducted product demonstrations at ICMA’s Annual Conference in San Antonio in October 2017.

View the fact sheet.

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