Through its 2006 - 2011 National Study of 311 and Customer Service Technology, ICMA has established itself as a key research organization and national thought leader on the benefits of centralized customer service systems for local governments. As part of the study, ICMA has worked with communities across the U.S. to identify leading practices in establishing 311/CRM systems since 2006. 

Drawing on the experience gained from this national study, ICMA began providing direct technical assistance to communities in 2009. ICMA has also teamed with other independent consultants to provide unbiased advice and guidance on the public investment decisions required for 311/CRM technology.

Featured Resource

Call 311: Connecting Citizens to Local Government

FInal report of the National Study of 311 and Customer Service Technology

Our Services

Local governments can contract with ICMA for customized technical assistance in the following areas:

Building a Business Case for 311/CRM

  • 311/CRM Readiness Assessment
  • CRM Gap Analysis (for existing systems)
  • Visioning & Planning

Selecting the Right System

  • Features and Functionality Assessment
  • RFP Preparation

Supporting System Implementation 

  • Change Management
  • Re-engineering Business Processes
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Negotiation

Training and Advising on System Use 

  • Use of 311/CRM Data
  • Benchmarking Analysis
  • Public Outreach and Communication Planning

Local Government Customer Service Program

A program can be designed to run anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours in length.

  • Defining Customer Service
  • Differences between Customer Service in Local Government and Private Sector
  • Customer Service as an Experience
  • Key Skill Sets for Customer Service
  • Dealing with Difficult or Angry Customers
  • Leadership for Customer Service
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Technology for Better Customer Service<

Our Experience

Cory Fleming serves as program director for ICMA’s 311/CRM technical assistance services which provides local governments implementing 311/CRM systems with a variety of contract services such as community readiness assessments and system planning. Current and past clients have included the Cities of Philadelphia, Fort Worth, and Boise. Fleming served as the project director for the ICMA National Study of 311 and Customer Service Technology ( from 2006-2011. This national study, the first of its type, resulted in a wealth of new research, resources and tools for local governments that are implementing or maintaining a centralized customer service system. She maintains close working relationships with the 311 Synergy Group and the Association of Government Contact Center Professionals (AGCCP), the two premier membership associations for local government contact center professionals.

Click here for a video of Cory discussing the future of 311/CRM Systems.

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ICMA exists to serve those who work to advance excellence in local governance and improve quality of life. Our priority is to help jurisdictions determine if a 311/CRM system makes sense for their community, and if it does, advise them on how best to implement a system for maximum benefit to their citizens.

To learn more, browse the 311/CRM topic or contact Cory Fleming, project director, at or 207-854-1083.