Our Expertise

ICMA’s expertise in a wide range of technical areas helps build local capacity to meet economic, environmental, social, and public safety challenges.


ICMA helps communities thrive by increasing the capacity of local governments globally. We work with leaders and community stakeholders to improve the quality of local service delivery and establish practices that will ensure sustainability in the future.

In decentralizing countries, our expertise in local service delivery helps prepare municipal leaders for the transition of responsibility from the national to the local level. ICMA also focuses on strengthening the institutions that support local governments to help ensure transparency and engagement in all our projects.

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Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Communities inevitably face disruptions of many kinds—environmental, financial, demographic, political. ICMA provides leaders with toolkits to increase the community’s resilience when facing challenges.


City Health Dashboard (United States)

Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity (Philippines)

Durban-Southeast Florida Climate Change Partnership (CityLinks: South Africa, United States)

CharMeck Sustainability Plan Feasibility Study (United States)

Planning for Climate Adaptation Program (Dominican Republic)

Environmental Sustainability Professional Fellows Program/ASEAN Countries


Aging    Brownfields    Climate Change

Energy Efficiency    Environment   Food Security

Healthy Living    Public Health    Resilience

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Performance Management

Local government professionals are increasingly pressed to demonstrate sound management decision making and resource allocation. Performance management allows them to quantify and improve performance based on metrics and customer feedback. ICMA is a leader in the development and effective use of performance measurement and management systems.


Linking Performance Measurement to Budgeting in the Justice Sector (Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico)

Capacity Building and Change Management Program (Afghanistan)


Performance Management

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Public Engagement

By involving residents in priority setting and decision making, a local government increases its legitimacy and accountability. ICMA employs an array of techniques to increase citizen engagement.


Kosovo Local Effective Governance Activity

Choice Neighborhoods (United States)

Planning for Climate Adaptation Program (Dominican Republic) 

Legislative Process and Governance Professional Fellows Program/ASEAN Countries


311 & CRM Systems    Civic Education    Citizen & Resident Surveys

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Crime Prevention and Public Safety

Crime prevention requires joint efforts by the police and other community actors to address conditions that foster crime. ICMA has been a leader in promoting community-oriented approaches to crime and violence prevention, both directly and through the Center for Public Safety Management.


Municipal Partnerships for Violence Prevention in Central America and the Dominican Republic

Countering Violent Extremism in the Western Balkans

Body Worn Camera Training and Technical Assistance (United States)


Public Safety    Police    ^ Back to top ^

Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness, and Recovery

Earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes occur in all parts of the world. ICMA has provided leadership in helping jurisdictions mitigate, prepare for, and recover from natural disasters.


Puerto Rico Municipal Assessment Project

Fire/EMS Station Procedures and Training Plan Development (Haiti);

Paraguay Firefighter Incident Command Assessment and Training

Post Tsunami Recovery Program (India)


Emergencies & Disasters    Fire & EMS    ^ Back to top ^

Financial Management and Revenue Generation

Sound financial management, including the generation of revenue, is fundamental to a municipality’s success. ICMA has worked at both the national and local levels worldwide to foster changes in financial policies and improvements in financial management practices.


Water Rate Approval Process Research (United States)

Strong Hubs for Afghan Hope and Resilience

Municipal Finance Training Certification Program (Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam)


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Women and Gender

Gender awareness and opportunities for women constitute an important component of ICMA's international programs, particularly in traditional societies.


Advancing Social Equity Goals to Achieve Sustainability (United States)

Stability in Key Areas-West (Afghanistan)

Regional Afghan Municipalities Program for Urban Populations


Community Diversity    Equity & Inclusion    ^ Back to top


Young people represent a significant--and often under-recognized--resource for their communities. ICMA has incorporated youth initiatives into its programming, particularly in conflict-prone areas, where young people may need encouragement to stay in their home communities and acquire job skills.


Waste Management Technologies in Regions (Georgia)

Afghanistan Municipal Strengthening Program

Jordan Green Generation


Children & Youth

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Water, Sanitation, and Environmental Services

Providing a reliable supply of potable water and functional sanitation and solid waste systems are basic local government services, and they must be in place if cities are to prosper economically and socially. ICMA has substantial experience and extensive resources that have been applied to the development and management of water, sanitation, and environmental management services worldwide.


Waste Management Technologies in Regions (Georgia)

Post Tsunami Recovery Program Water Supply Improvements (India)

Commercialization of Afghanistan Water and Sanitation Activity


Public Works      Utilities    Water & Wastewater    ^ Back to top ^


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