NYSCMA Membership


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The general membership of the Association consists of Active, Associate, Cooperating, Student, Life and Honorary Members. Only Active and Associate Members shall be eligible to hold office in the Association.

Active Member: Any person who is the appointed chief executive and/or administrative officer of a New York State municipality or public authority shall be eligible for active membership.

Associate Member: Any person who is appointed, by a municipal officer eligible for the classification of Active Member, to a position having significant administrative responsibilities which are oriented to a municipal management career shall be eligible for associate membership.


Cooperating Member: Any person is eligible for cooperating membership who:is employed by a New York State municipality and who has municipal management as a career objective; or has attained a position in a field of specialization qualifying him or her to contribute to the advancement of professional knowledge and practice of municipal management; or is a former Active or Associate Member no longer directly involved in municipal management in New York State.

Faculty: Any person actively employed as faculty by a college or university.

Student Member: Any full-time or part-time student in public administration or public affairs at a recognized college or university who intends to follow a career in municipal government and who is not eligible for membership under any other category is eligible for student membership.

Life Member: Any person who has retired from the field of municipal management and who was, at the time of retirement, an Active Member of the Association or its predecessors, the Municipal Management Association of New York State and the City Managers Association of New York State, is eligible for life membership.

Member in Transition: Any Active or Associate Member in transition at the time of dues renewal.

Eligibility: Eligibility in any grade of membership shall be as determined by the Executive Committee. Candidates for life membership shall be reviewed and nominated, if appropriate, annually by the nominating committee and shall be subject to the approval of a majority vote of the voting members of the Association present at the annual meeting of the Association.

Download the Membership Application