NCMA Executive Board


Officers serve a one-year term running from November 1, through October 31. The fiscal year also runs from November 1, through October 31.

  • President: Jeff Hofaker, City Administrator, Sutton  
  • President-Elect: Phil Green, Deputy City Administrator, Papillion
  • Vice-President: Bruce Smith, City Manager, Ogallala
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Amber Powers, Assistant City Administrator, Papillion
  • Past President/Officer: Chris Anderson, City Administrator, Central City
  • League of Nebraska Municipalities Representative: Silas Clarke, City Administrator, Hickman


NCMA President:

  • Spokesperson for NCMA Membership Organization
  • Spokesperson and Officer of Record For ICMA
  • Spokesperson for UNO & University of Nebraska Foundation/Scholarship Activities
  • Appoints all NCMA Sub Committees
  • Approves Budgeted Expenses with Assistance of League Staff
  • Supports and Maintains Intern Placement & City Manager Profession Campaigns
  • Calls & Conducts all NCMA Meetings
  • Sets & Finalizes all NCMA Meeting Agendas
  • Makes Recommendations & Announcements on New Member Applications
  • Calls & Sets Up All NCMA Conference & Executive Board Calls
  • Prepares & Presents Annual Budget at NCMA League Annual Fall Meeting
  • Represent & Attend Annual ICMA Mountain Plains Regional Training Summit
  • Represent & Attend Annual ICMA Annual Training Conference & Group Events
  • Organize Annual ICMA Conference Monday Night State Reception Venue
  • Provide Quarterly Update Reports & Needs Requests to ICMA Mountain Plains V.P.
  • Conducts any Ethics Inquiries and Investigations

NCMA Past-President:

  • Advisory & Support Role for Membership Recruitment & ICMA Membership Retention
  • Review & Bring Forward any NCMA Bylaw Modifications to NCMA President
  • Support Range Rider Activities & New Member Contact in Absence of Position
  • Contact League Office Rep to Order Presidents Service Award by March 1

NCMA President-Elect:

  • Sets Date & Organizes the Annual Conference with Assistance of Executive Committee
  • Works with President & Executive Committee to Determine Statewide Training Topics
  • May Attend Annual ICMA Mountain Plains Regional Training Summit with NCMA President
  • Serve as NCMA Representative to Annual ICMA Conference Planning Committee
  • Update NCMA Membership on Annual ICMA Conference Date, Logistics & Gatherings
  • Initiates & Oversees Distinguished Professional Service Award Process (By July 1-Nominations)

NCMA Vice-President:

  • Contacts & Presents New Member App & Profile Data to Newly Approved NCMA Members/Cities
  • Forward all Approved New Members Documents to Planning Coordinator & NCMA Sec-Treasurer
  • Monitors Website & Facebook/Social Media Sites to keep Active & Current with Planning Coordinator
  • Initiates Member Nomination Process For League Executive Board Name Recommendation
  • Acts as Executive Board's Representative to all Members In Transition (MIT)

NCMA Secretary-Treasurer:

  • Draft & Prepares all NCMA Meeting Minutes
  • Update and Presents Membership Signup Sheets For All Meetings
  • Prepares NCMA Meeting Financial Reports with League Staff Prior to NCMA Meetings
  • Approves & Forwards NCMA Expenses to League Staff for Processing
  • Maintains Scholarship, UNL Foundation, & ICMA Pledge Annual Payments
  • Approves & Processes Range Rider Expenses to ICMA for Annual Reimbursement
  • Approves & Processes Applicable Grant Reimbursements to League Staff
  • Maintains NCMA Member/Mailing Lists & Forward to League Staff & Planning Coordinator
  • Maintains & Forwards all Records & Media Documents to Newly Elected Secretary/Treasurer