On Demand Webinar: Long-Term Disaster Recovery

How to plan for long-term disaster recovery before a catastrophe.

All disasters are local and so, too, are disaster recovery efforts. But many local governments find it difficult to manage the myriad recovery activities following a major catastrophe. Obtaining the right mix and number of people to support disaster recovery operations is critical to disaster recovery success and efficient use of funding. Join LMI, Upper Swatara Creek Watershed Recovery (Penn.), Schuylkill Conservation District (Penn.), and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development in a free webinar to explain the basics of disaster recovery staffing.

You and your staff will discuss:

  • What recovery activities communities should plan for and staff
  • How to design an organizational structure that supports long-term recovery decision making and execution
  • What steps to use to identify disaster recovery staffing shortages and fill the gaps
  • Where to go to identify human resources to fill the gaps and how to decide which is the best source for the disaster recovery activity
  • A case study of a local community’s disaster recovery effort including coordination with the public and the private sector, local involvement, and project decision-making and staffing. (Upper Swatara Creek Watershed Recovery, Pennsylvania)
  • An example and lessons learned for coordinated support of local recovery efforts at the state level (Pennsylvania  Recovery Resources Team (RRT) program)

Access the webinar here.

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