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The ICMA and MissionSquare Retirement Relationship

In 1972, following four years of effort and with a Ford Foundation grant, ICMA secured approval from the Internal Revenue Service to create a deferred compensation program that would ensure retirement income for ICMA members. ICMA established ICMA-RC as a stand-alone organization and over the past four and a half decades ICMA-RC has grown but its mission has remained focused on helping public sector employees build retirement security. Over the last year, ICMA-RC explored creating a new identity that both honors the company's history and reflects its vision for the future — to become MissionSquare Retirement, the most trusted retirement plan provider for those serving their communities.

ICMA is proud to call MissionSquare Retirement our exclusive retirement services partner and to help bring the expertise of the MissionSquare Retirement team to local government leaders and their staffs as they plan for the future.



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Exodus of Employees is Increasing Strain on Public Sector Workforce According to New MissionSquare Research Institute Study
According to a new public sector workforce survey by the MissionSquare Research Institute, more than half of state and local government employees report that more people are leaving jobs at their organization since the start of the pandemic, leaving their remaining coworkers stressed, fatigued, and anxious.
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New Financial Wellness Case Studies Highlight How Five Public Sector Employers Are Improving the Financial Health of Employees
This new series of financial wellness case studies provides state and local government employers with key learnings and promising practices to help workers reduce debt, save for retirement, and reach other financial goals.
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MissionSquare Retirement Promotes Resources to Help Employees in Public Service Evaluate Their Savings Goals During America Saves Week
February 21 - 25 is America Saves Week, an annual celebration to motivate, encourage, and support individuals and families as they work to create and maintain financial stability. MissionSquare Retirement is exclusively committed to helping those working in public service save successfully.
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State and Local Pension Plan Funding Levels Again Tick Upward, MissionSquare Research Institute Finds
The latest Public Plans Database (PPD) analysis from MissionSquare Research Institute indicates that the funded status of state and local pension plans nationwide has improved to 75.4% in 2021, up from 72.2% in 2020.


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Retirement Education Center
Helping public sector employees engage, build and realize retirement
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Cost of Delay Calculator
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Grow Your Savings Calculator
See how much your savings can grow
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Small Change, Big Savings Calculator
See how small changes to your spending can help you save big


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