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Career Compass No. 65: FIO—The Key Competency for 21st Century Leaders

I am a fire captain in a mid-sized city in the west. The fire chief recommended me to represent the department on a multidepartment team.

Five Ways to Save Money by Increasing HR Efficiencies

Local governments can look to their HR departments as a way to leverage extra savings.

Check Out the Latest Issue of Public Management (PM) Magazine - August 2018

Inside: Ethical Leaders, Strategic Thinking, Assistant Managers Talk Shop, and much more!

Podcast: Bertha Henry Believes There Is Nothing More Rewarding Than Public Service

As a local government leader, Bertha Henry balances community needs with available resources.


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Podcast: Local Government - It's a Rewarding Profession

We sit down with Carl Valente and discuss the current state of the local government management profession and why it feels great to make a difference in people’s lives.