Town Administrator

Town of Elizabeth, CO

Job Details

  • Job Function: Chief Administrator (City/County Manager)
  • Credential: Preferred
  • Salary: $74,000 - $120,000. DOE
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Population: 1,358
  • Website:
  • Where: 151 S. Banner Street, Elizabeth, Colorado 80107
  • Form of Government: Council-Manager

Post Date: Dec 29 2017

Filing deadline is January 22, 2018 at 5:00 pm. To be considered for this exciting career opportunity, fill out the job application found on the Town website at and send your application form, a cover letter and resume electronically to: A supplemental questionnaire may be sent to qualified candidates. Resumes are acknowledged within 2 business days. Please do not hesitate to contact Sheryl Trent at (970) 208-6633 if you have any questions regarding this position or recruitment process.


The ideal candidate will have a true love of small town living and be able to demonstrate motivational leadership, mastery of municipal finance and budget, and the ability to embrace economic development and growth. The Town Administrator will focus on guiding the community through major development, building financial capacity, and community involvement. A Bachelor’s degree with major coursework in public or business administration or a related field is desired. A Master’s degree is preferred.

Under general policy direction from the Town Board, the Administrator will work closely with the Board on policy, mission and objectives. They will exercise considerable independent judgment, discretion and initiative in carrying out the daily operations through programs, projects and processes with efficiency, effectiveness and excellent customer service. The Administrator will lead long-range planning, organizational structure, budget plans, capital improvements, staff development and strategic planning. The Administrator hires, directs, manages and develops the department directors.

In support of the Town Board’s Vision, the following are priorities:
• Guide the growth and development in Elizabeth with community based approaches and solutions.
• Collaborate with staff and key stakeholders to create a thriving economic base through residential, commercial, business and Main Street development.
• Support, assist and attract staff to ensure performance and stability.
• Work with Town partners to showcase Elizabeth’s natural assets, grow residential and commercial development, and attract visitors to the Town’s cultural and arts environment.
• Establish and maintain effective relationships with other city, county and statewide organizations. 

The Ideal candidate is a motivational leader and strong collaborator, who understands the value of internal and external relationships to achieving the Town’s goals; this candidate can implement the Vision for the future while focusing on connecting people and organizations to find room for agreement.

Is visionary:
• Has the ability to see a long-range Vision, to communicate that Vision in a relatable way to the community and potential partners, and to implement that Vision in a concrete and measurable way.

Is community oriented:
• Involved in and tied to the community in ways that build trust and relationships.
• Is willing to make a long term commitment to the position.

Is respectful of and welcoming to change:
• Proven track record of positive forward momentum and adapting to change.
• Appreciates the challenges and opportunities that significant growth and development bring, and can communicate the positive aspects to the community.

Is skilled in growth and development in smaller communities:
• Ability to guide changes in growth and development in a fashion that serves and enhances the community as a whole.
• Possesses a proven track record of successful community and economic development initiatives.

Values and supports teamwork:
• Proven track record of collaborative teamwork and teambuilding both internal to the organization and externally with the community.
• Can maintain, build, and grow the staff to provide stability and opportunity in the organization.
• Demonstrated ability to understand and improve financial and budget systems.

Possesses strong communication and facilitation skills:
• Is highly organized, decisive and innovative, with a strong commitment to the values of community participation, sustainability, and cost efficiency
• Has excellent communication, interpersonal and customer service skills
• Is a skilled facilitator with proven experience working collaboratively with businesses, community groups, developers, and commercial real estate brokers

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