JPA Executive Director

Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium; Santa Rosa, CA

Job Details

  • Job Function: Executive Director (Non-profit)
  • Credential: No preference
  • Salary: $100,000 - $100,000.
  • Position Type: Part Time
  • Where: 2796 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Post Date: Mar 5 2018

To apply for this exciting opportunity, please send your resume and cover letter electronically to: Connie Douglas, Interim JPA Administrator at Before March 12, call Rohnert Park City Manager Darrin Jenkins (707) 588-2243 for more information. After March 12, call Connie Douglas (707) 565-1210 for more information. The most qualified candidates will be invited to interview with members of the Oversight Board who will recommend finalists for review by the Board of Directors. The JPA would like to have the ideal candidate hired in May 2018. A background investigation may be required prior to employment.


Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium
Initial Application Review Date: March 12, 2018
50% Time; $100,000 Salary
Santa Rosa, California

The Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium, a joint powers authority (JPA), announces the hiring of a 50% Executive Director to lead this multi-agency organization forward while delivering critical technology services to public safety professionals. The JPA Board of Directors has recently restructured the staffing to create this executive management position. While the JPA has operated successfully since 2008 including during the recent October fires, there are opportunities to strategically grow the membership base and explore other services.

The Position
Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director will perform the full duties of a chief executive officer, including:
 Manage the everyday activities and performing the duties normally the responsibility of an Executive Officer;
 Staff the Board, Oversight Committee, and other committees as appropriate;
 Supervise and coordinate with special project and administrative staff;
 Manage project vendors and consultants to ensure project goals are met;
 Manage the County Contract for IT services and support and renegotiate as needed;
 Coordinate with the County Counsel and others on the various issues and responsibilities related to agency activities;
 Prepare, recommend and administer the agency’s annual budget and coordinate the annual audit;
 Coordinate required administrative duties including records retention and public records archives; and,
 Perform other duties as assigned or required.
 Oversee an annual budget of $3.5 million

The Compensation
The JPA Board of Directors has budgeted approximately $100,000 for a 50% time position. This is a non-benefited, at-will position with no property rights. In the past, the JPA has utilized the human resources/payroll of Sonoma County or the City of Santa Rosa for the JPA’s staff. Currently, the hiring model is a direct contract with the Consortium.

The Ideal Candidate
The Consortium is looking for a strong strategic, analytical, technologically-inclined leader who is capable of successfully working with a Board of City/Town Managers and an Oversight Committee of Police and Fire Chiefs. This half-time contract position is ideal for a retired City Manager, Public Safety Executive (Police or Fire Chief, Captain, etc.) or Information Technology Department Head. This person will be providing leadership for the Consortium, getting input from varied stakeholders, working through issues, presenting options, and making recommendations based on solid analysis.

The Consortium is its own government entity. This position is the executive manager of that entity and therefore requires a working knowledge of and experience in the operation of municipal/county government. The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors and needs to ensure that the JPA is current in meeting legal requirements in the areas of financial reporting and management, Brown Act and public meeting transparency, data management and other administrative areas. While this position needs to be able to broadly understand how the technological systems operate and fit together, the ideal candidate does not need to be a technology expert. Likewise, while knowledge of Public Safety organizations and operations is beneficial, it is not required.

The Board is seeking the following key attributes:
 Experienced Strategist – The JPA has operated successfully for many years, however, there is the need for a strategic vision and plan to determine the direction and focus for the JPA. The ideal candidate will help lead the organization through the development of a multi-year strategic plan and vision.
 Excellent Communicator -- The Executive Director will need to have superior interpersonal and communication skills both verbally and in writing. The position requires an individual with confidence, a “people-person” and an ability to advocate and be persuasive. The Executive Director will also need to be comfortable presenting to elected Boards and the public. The ideal candidate will be able to competently facilitate meetings. Currently, the JPA has no web site or public presence. The Board is seeking an Executive Director who can improve both internal and external communication.
 Proven Administrative Experience. The candidate should have demonstrated experience with formulating and implementing new administrative policies, budget development, and contract management. Although the position will not be directly managing IT projects, strong organizational and project management skills are essential. Experience with contract management and negotiations are critical.
 Effective communicator and able to build relationships and trust. The position is responsible for maintaining strong relationships between and among the various agencies, Board and committees, and the County Information Systems Department. It is important for the Executive Director to recognize and communicate different perspectives and needs of the JPA while providing clear professional recommendations to the Board of Directors. This position will need to quickly gain credibility among the various agencies and stakeholders through mutual respect, effective communication, listening and writing skills.
 Experienced Project Management -- The position will need to work closely with staff from a variety of departments in a variety of agencies and oversee the work of contract staff from Sonoma County. Experience managing projects, especially technology projects, will be of great benefit.

In 1996, the law enforcement agencies of Sonoma County began to examine their automated information systems with a critical eye. None of the information systems at a local level were interfaced, hampering the agencies efforts to share what they knew about criminals and coordinate their actions.

Recognizing this, the County and nine municipal agencies began working together in March 1997 to develop a regional law enforcement consortium. The purpose of the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Consortium (SCLEC) was to fund, procure and implement an advanced regional law enforcement information system. In August 1997, the SCLEC was formally established through the First Cooperative Agreement. At the same time, the SCLEC applied to the Office of Community Oriented Police Services (U.S. Department of Justice) for funding to carry out its mission. In April 1999, the Justice Department announced a technology grant for $6.1 million to SCLEC. After a thorough RFP, Intergraph was chosen as the new Public Safety Information System.

In 2008 the Sonoma County Public Safety Consortium (SCPSC), a joint powers authority, was formed to enable local public safety agencies to share crime-related information and provide Computer Aided Dispatch and Records Management System software as well as mobile data units in vehicles.

Current Initiatives
Today, the Consortium is the key provider of critical public safety software and hardware technology for the majority of the public agencies in Sonoma County. The JPA has the following key initiatives underway: (1) procurement of a new Records Management System; (2) expansion of agency membership and related impacts to governance and finances; (3) development of a strategic plan for the Consortium; and (4) expansion of data sharing locally and state wide.

Joint Powers Authority & Staffing Overview
The Consortium is organized as a formal JPA which includes the County of Sonoma, the cities of Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Sonoma, Windsor, Sonoma County Junior College District, Cotati, Sonoma State University, and REDCOM (fire and medical dispatching.) The JPA is structured in a way which requires representatives from all agencies to participate in the governance of the agency which has a Board of Directors comprised of City/Town Managers and an Oversight Board comprised of Police/Fire Chiefs. Over the past year, a number of members have appointed their Police/Fire Chiefs to serve on the Board of Directors. In addition, there has been strong interest from other public agencies or departments to participate and gain access to the SCPSC’s data and services.

Under the new staffing model in addition to the new executive level Executive Director, the Consortium will have a 50% Management Analyst to assist and individual project managers will be hired to lead large technology initiatives. The Consortium contracts with Sonoma County’s Central Support Team for six (6) full-time staff that manage and implement the technology maintenance and initiatives. The six positions include a Project Manager, Software Systems Analyst, Senior Programmer Analyst, 2 Programmer Analysts and a Geographical Information Technician.