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  • Job Function: Executive Director (Non-Profit)
  • Credential: No preference
  • Salary: $115,000. DOQ
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Post Date: Jun 10 2019

Deadline: Jul 12 2019

To apply: please send cover letter, resume, and salary history in a single integrated file to:


The WAMPO Transportation Policy Body seeks a Director with the vision, leadership capacity, and transportation expertise to grow the agency for the benefit of its member communities and the metropolitan region.

Appointed by the Transportation Policy Body, the Director is the chief administrative officer of the agency, subject to supervision by the TPB, and is responsible for the proper administration of all affairs of WAMPO. The Director also serves as the Secretary to the Transportation Policy Body and the Transportation Advisory Committee.

• Responsible for merit-based appointment, development, promotion, discipline and removal of all employees. • Annually evaluates performance of all direct employee reports and assures annual performance evaluations are administered for all other employees. • Assures all human resource management functions and related recordkeeping are performed effectively. • Prepares and submits annual budgets for adoption by the TPB, and monitors and reports regularly to the TPB on budget implementation and fiscal condition. • Directs and oversees staff work on preparation of: Long-Range Transportation Plan, Transportation Improvement Program, Safety, Public Participation Title VI and Congestion Management plans, and any other federally-required plans, Studies identified in the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) • Provides leadership for implementation of the Organizational Development Plan; and provides regular reports to the TPB on implementation progress. • Maintains frequent and responsive communication, including regular face-to-face communication with WAMPO members and transportation partners. • Provides frequent monitoring of all grant programs to assure legal and ethical compliance. • Assures timely and responsive submissions of grant applications to state and federal agencies; assures timely and responsive report submissions to federal and state partners. • Provides for regular review, updates and compliance with the agency’s administrative policies for payroll, benefits administration, human resources management, purchasing, financial management and other areas as needed. • Provides agenda packets and other staff support for all meetings of TPB and its Committees; attends all TPB, Executive Committee and Transportation Advisory Committee meetings. • Receives all inquiries, requests for information, and concerns from TPB members and delegates responses from employees as needed. • Performs all other duties as assigned by the TPB.

Minimum qualifications: 1) five years management experience in a professional position with responsibility for budget management and direct supervision of employees; 2) bachelor’s degree in community planning, business or public administration, or related field from an accredited university; 3) experience providing staff support for a public or nonprofit governing body; 4) evidence of stable and ethical employment history and progressive career advancement; and 5) previous professional experience with public planning processes.
Preferred qualifications: 1) ten years management experience in a public-sector position with responsibility for budget management and direct supervision of employees; 2) previous experience working for a regional transportation planning agency; 3) master’s degree in community planning, business or public administration or related field, from an accredited university; 4) track record of leadership that contributed to the extended success of an organization; 5) one or more certifications in public planning or transportation-related fields; and 6) substantial knowledge of federal programs related to transportation planning and funding.

The Transportation Policy Body (TPB) has identified qualities and practices important for the next Director and will seek evidence of these qualities in candidate interviews and reference reviews:
Adaptive to diverse communities, cultures and political values. WAMPO membership includes metropolitan, suburban, and rural communities. Elected and appointed TPB and committee members share Midwestern values, but also hold differing preferences for addressing community challenges. The new Director will need to practice diplomacy and bridge differences to facilitate recognition of regional interests with respect to transportation.
Expertise in transportation policy and public management. Providing leadership for an MPO is a multifaceted business requiring specialized knowledge and management skills. The board anticipates the Director will provide the board education on transportation issues, and options and financing for addressing them. The new Director will need a short learning curve for grasping the nuances of federal and state programs, and remain diligent in oversight of such details. Employees may seek advice from him or her on resolving personnel issues and technical challenges. The Director will also need in-depth knowledge of public finance and budgeting, human resource management, information technology and intergovernmental dynamics.
Skill in building networks and managing relationships. The Director must be visible throughout the region in strengthening relationships with board members and other local government officials, and with other community leaders and organizations. He or she must maintain excellent lines of communication with the agency’s federal and state transportation partners. The board also expects the Director to participate in broader networks beyond the region to pursue collaborative opportunities and professional development.
Excellent communication skills. The Director is the most visible “face” of the WAMPO organization. He or she needs the ability to listen without premature judgment, seek candid feedback from others provide timely board communication, make and interpret decisions, and practice diplomacy with community and business leaders. The next Director also must have superior writing and public presentation skills.

More information about the organization can be found at:
Qualified persons are invited to apply no later than July 12, 2019
To apply: please send cover letter, resume, and salary history in a single integrated file to:
WAMPO is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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