Deputy Director of Roads and Transportation

Jefferson County Commission; Birmingham, AL

Job Details

  • Job Function: Other Department Head/Director
  • Salary: $106,405 - $134,939.
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Where: 716 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd North Birmingham, AL 35203

Post Date: Aug 14 2018

Deadline: Oct 5 2018


The Deputy Director of Roads and Transportation directs the day-to-day roads and transportation operations, including construction and maintenance of bridges, repairs to guardrails, maintenance of county vehicles, acquiring property, installing and maintaining signage, planning roadways, bridges, and drainage structures, coordinating funding and disseminating resources to meet strategic objectives, and developing policy guidance within the Department. This individual directs the functional areas or operations of Roads and Transportation, ensures that employees have the necessary resources to accomplish goals, and assists the Director of Roads and Transportation in the execution of his/her authority in planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating the activities of the Roads and Transportation Department.

Required Experience

• Possesses a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering (or higher)
• State of Alabama Professional Engineer license (or, if possesses an out of state license, able to be licensed in Alabama within six months).
• Held a role with progressive exposure to roads and transportation-related activities
• Held a managerial role within a roads and transportation function
• Experience managing a work team or unit
• Experience supporting the implementation and monitoring of work unit strategy
• Experience interacting with key internal and external stakeholders
• Experience working in environments that require adherence to high professional and ethical standards

Preferred Experience
• Engaged in concrete personal development activities (e.g., formal programs, taking on stretch assignments, integrating a development plan in to daily activities)
• Held roles in which they have delegated important responsibilities to others
• Responsible for guiding the implementation of an innovative solution (e.g., organizational process, product)
• Held roles in which they were responsible for resolving conflicts and driving consensus
• Responsible for completing a negotiation at work
• Demonstrates a track record of ethical professional behavior
• Demonstrates a track record of understanding and respecting the practices, customs, and values of people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures

Additional Information