County Administrator

County of Las Animas, CO

Job Details

  • Job Function: Chief Administrator (City/County Manager); Administrative Services Director
  • Salary: $60,000 - $79,000. DOE, DOQ
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Population: 15,507
  • Where: 200 E. FIRST ST, TRINIDAD, CO 81082
  • Form of Government: County commission

Post Date: Jul 16 2018

Application, resumes and letters of recommendation shall be submitted to the: Colorado Workforce Center 140 North Commercial Street Trinidad, CO 81082 Phone(719)846-9221 Fax (719)846-7594


Job Posting CG 2018-08




The County Administrator will serve as the chief administrative officer of Las Animas County, Colorado (the “County”) and will work under the supervision of the Board of County Commission (the “Board”). The County Administrator shall receive and follow directives of the Board through and by a majority vote of the Board in any legally held meeting. While the County Administrator may work with individual Commissioners from time to time, such work must be in accordance with Board decisions.

The County Administrator is expected to utilize those resources provided to the maximum benefit of the citizens of the County. The County Administrator will at all times faithfully, industriously, and to the best of his/her ability perform all the duties assigned to his/her position. The County Administrator shall do that which is within his/her power to assure that all County functions are performed in a manner consistent with the laws of the United States, the laws of the State of Colorado, and resolutions and ordinances of the County.

The County Administrator will be an FLSA-exempt employee, not subject to overtime compensation or accrual of compensatory time. The County Administrator is expected to keep customary office hours and to complete a demanding work schedule consistent with the position held. Flexibility relating to the County Administrator’s hours, in terms of number of hours worked in any week or the schedule of hours worked, is granted and required, relevant to the demands of the position.

The County Administrator is expected to keep the Board informed of the County Administrator’s activities and of issues of concern to the County via agreed-upon methods. The County Administrator will strive to establish positive relations with the community, elected leadership, and with representatives of the media.

The County Administrator is expected to treat the County, individual Commissioners, and County employees with proper respect and dignity.


The County Administrator receives policy direction from the Board. The County Administrator exercises direct supervision over management, supervisory, professional and clerical staff.


• Assume full management responsibility for County operations including accounting, procurement, human resources, maintenance of facilities, land use, building inspections, oil and gas inspections, noxious weed management, road and bridge, and emergency services; coordinate with elected and appointed officials in the County departments; recommend and administer policies and procedures.
• Direct the development and implementation of the County’s goals, objectives, policies, and priorities. Have the ability to be forward thinking and creative.
• Establish, within County policy, appropriate service and staffing levels; monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures; allocate resources accordingly
• Plan, direct, and coordinate the work plan; assign projects and areas of responsibility; review and evaluate work methods and procedures; meet with management staff to identify and resolve problems and conflicts.
• Assess and monitor workload, administrative and support systems and internal reporting relationships; identify opportunities for improvement.
• Coordinate with the Budget Officer/Finance Director for the development and administration of the County budget; approve the forecast of funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies; approve expenditures and implement budgetary adjustments as appropriate and necessary.
• xplain, justify, and defend County programs, policies and activities; negotiate and resolve sensitive and controversial issues.
• Represent the County to outside agencies; coordinate County activities with those of other counties, cities, and outside agencies and organizations.
• Provide staff assistance to the Board; prepare and present staff reports and other necessary correspondence.
• Attend and participate in professional group meetings; stay abreast of new trends and innovations in the field of County management and administration.
• Respond to and resolve difficult and sensitive citizen inquiries and complaints.
• Respond to media inquiries, Board concerns and issues, and community needs.
• Keep the Board informed of important County issues.
• Prepare the individual Commissioners for meetings with outside agencies and other governmental organizations that involve County interests, including assimilation of information and preparation of materials and description of important issues.
• Coordinate all regularly scheduled and special meetings, work sessions, and hearings. Ensure compliance with applicable open meetings regulations in the scheduling and conducting of all meetings and work sessions. Ensure that individual Commissioners are timely informed of all issues addressed at any meeting, work session, or hearing.
• Coordinate responses to open records requests.
• Ensure the orderly maintenance of County documents and paperwork.
• Seek, prepare and finalize documents and paperwork for all available grants in conjunction with other county departments.
• Perform any other related duties and responsibilities as required or assigned.



Operations, services, and activities of a County Government Organization. Management skills to analyze programs, policies, and operational needs. Principles and practices of program development and administration. Principles and practices of local government budget preparation and administration. Principles of supervision, training, and performance evaluation. Pertinent Federal, State, and local laws, codes and regulations.


Plan, organize, and direct the work of subordinate staff members. Select, supervise, train and evaluate staff. Delegate authority and responsibility. Lead and direct the operations, services and activities of the County. Identify and respond to community and Board issues, concerns, and needs. Develop and administer departmental goals, objectives, and procedures. Prepare clear and concise administrative and financial reports and records. Prepare and administer large and complex budgets Analyze problems, identify alternative solutions, project consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations in support of goals. Research, analyze and evaluate new service delivery methods and techniques. Interpret and apply Federal, State, and local policies, laws, and regulations. Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work. Make sound decisions. Exercise good judgment.


A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in public administration, business administration, public finance, accounting or related fields, and/or:

Ten years of increasingly responsible experience in local or state government or business management including a minimum of five years experience as the chief executive officer of a governmental entity or business enterprise or as a department head.


Environmental Conditions:

Office environment, travel as necessary to represent the County’s interests before the legislature, the Governor’s office and/or various departments of the State and Federal Government, or other groups or committees with which the County may be involved.

Physical Conditions:

Essential and marginal functions may require maintaining physical condition necessary for sitting for prolonged periods of time and travel to and from various destinations.

Salary: DOE.


Applicants should submit an application, current resume and three letters of recommendation. Additional materials and interviews may be requested from certain qualified applicants as the review process proceeds.