City Administrator

City of Mitchell, NE

Job Details

  • Job Function: Chief Administrator (City/County Manager)
  • Credential: No preference
  • Salary: $55,000 - $65,000. DOE
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Population: 1,702
  • Where: 1280 Center Ave Mitchell NE 69357
  • Form of Government: Mayor-Council

Post Date: Sep 26 2018

Applications and complete job descriptions are available at the Mitchell City Offices, 1280 Center Avenue, Mitchell, NE 69357, (308) 623-1523, or AAA/EEO.


JOB TITLE: City Administrator
REPORTS TO: Mayor and City Council and Chairman of the Board of Public Works
SUPERVISES: Services Superintendent, Utilities Superintendent, Clubhouse Manager, Golf Course Superintendent, and Swimming Pool Manager

This is an administrative position responsible for overseeing the utility departments, services departments, swimming pool, golf course, City budget, maintenance of the City buildings, and coordination of the use of the City equipment and services.

1. Plans, organizes and defines the organization of City Administration to ensure a coordinated and efficient effort to meet the goals and objectives established by the Council, Board of Public Works and various Boards and Commissions.
2. Ensure that departments are being properly operated in compliance with Local, State and Federal regulations. Coordinate the administration of utilities, services, golf course, and swimming pool.
3. Prepare and submit a City budget for all departments with the assistance of the department heads including Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Library, Care Center Administrator and City Clerk. Monitor budgets, excluding the Police, Fire Department, General, Library and Care Center, on a monthly basis and report to Board of Public Works and the Mayor and City Council concerning financial status on the City operations.
4. Assist the committees of the Mayor and City Council as directed and operates as a liaison between the City committees and various City departments concerning the operation of those departments.
5. Report as directed by the Mayor and City Council concerning City activities of all departments of the City except Police Department, Fire Department, City Clerk’s Office, Library, and the Care Center.
6. Operate as a liaison between the Board of Public Works and the Mayor and City Council concerning operations of the services and utility departments.
7. Promote and coordinate efficient operations of all City departments by coordinating activities among the departments with the various department heads including the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Librarian, and City Clerk.
8. Reviews and/or performs rate studies; makes recommendation to Board of Public Works on rate changes for Electric, Water, Sewer and Garbage Departments.
9. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Mayor and Council.

JOB TITLE: City Administrator (Continued)

1. Coordinates the inspection and proper care of facilities and equipment.
2. Prepare detailed reports of the status of City operations for the Mayor and City Council and Board of Public Works.
3. Enforce personnel manual with reference to utilities and services departments, swimming pool, and golf course.
4. Evaluate staff job performances on an annual basis.
5. Represents the City on Power Pool Boards, and attend meetings.
6. Attend Board of Public Works and City Council meetings.
7. Attend LB840 Committee meetings and act as Program Administrator
8. Attend and participate in other committee and board meetings as necessary.
9. Coordinate grants applications.
10. Coordinate and oversees the work of consultants hired by the Council.
11. Assist City Clerk with zoning and subdivision enforcement.

High school diploma or GED is necessary. B.A. in related field preferred. Knowledge of Federal and State regulations that affect electric, water, and wastewater facilities is necessary. Knowledge of finance and municipal budgeting, including preparation and monitoring of financial operations on a monthly basis. Must possess effective written and oral communication skills. City Administrator must reside within a 15-minute response area.

Must possess or be able to obtain a valid Nebraska driver's license.