Assistant to the City Manager

City of Ontario, OR

Job Details

  • Job Function: Assistant to Manager/CAO
  • Salary: $40,000 - $45,000.
  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Population: 11,325
  • Where: 444 SW 4th Stn , Ontario, OR
  • Form of Government: Council-Manager

Post Date: May 15 2018

Deadline: Jun 29 2018

Get an application at Send a completed application, cover letter and resume to 444 SW 4th Avenue, Ontario, OR 97914. Address it to City Manager Adam Brown.


This position is ideal for an aspiring City Manager. This is an entry level position with a broad range of responsibilities and exposure to local government operations. The Assistant to the City Manager will work directly with the City Manager to manage the Human Resource functions, community diversity advisory committee, budget, strategic planning, communications, research and analysis, support of special projects, and grant writing and administration.

This is a great organization to get a start in public administration at the local government level to work with a manager interested in mentoring. This is a community and organization in which you will be able to be a part of real change to make a difference. This will be a rewarding and fun job for the successful candidate.

Ontario is an affordable medium size community close to big city amenities in Boise. There is an abundance of outdoor recreation available year round.

Our organizational leadership team, of which the assistant will be a part of, is a tightly knit group that is concerned with moving the city forward. Residency is required within 6 months.

A bachelors degree in public administration, urban planning, public affairs, business, economics, political science, or other closely related degree is required. A masters degree in public administration or public policy is preferred. A recent graduate from a Masters program with internship experience would be an excellent candidate.