Town Manager

Town of Pittsford, VT

Town of Pittsford Job Description
To manage and administer all functions, services and activities of Pittsford Town government, in accordance with the provisions of the State Statutes and under the direction of the Town Select Board.

• Plan, implement, oversee/administer, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the specific functions, services and operating systems of Town government. Develop and modify facilities/services/systems, in accordance with Town needs and resources and State and federal laws and regulations.
• Exercise full supervisory authority directly over all Town department heads and administrative office personnel and indirectly over all full-time Town employees. Plan and conduct training programs and staff meetings. Confer regularly with department heads and staff to plan and coordinate activities, assign and review work, assist with difficult or unusual tasks, resolve problems and the like.
• Monitor all Town functions, projects and operations regularly and deal with a variety of problems that arise on a daily basis.
• Coordinate/carry out the preparation and administration of the annual Town operating budget, as well as capital budgets. Oversee/carry out investment and borrowing functions. Oversee Town accounting systems.
• Oversee/carry out all central personnel management functions, including recruitment and hiring, benefits, wage and salary administration, employee relations and appeals, records and policies and procedures.
• Plan, oversee and coordinate various capital improvement projects.
• Oversee and assist with the management of public works operations, including planning road work schedules, making major purchases, determining course of action in the event of water, sewer and public health problems and so forth.
• Oversee all community development and zoning functions and activities, including preparation of grant applications and grant administration.
• Oversee all police department operations.
• Research, develop, draft, recommend, rewrite, implement and enforce a wide range of Town operating policies and procedures.
• Attend all Select Board meetings, present various plans, proposals and issues to the Board for review and perform a wide range of liaison functions with the Board.
• Oversee preparation of the Town’s Annual Report.
• Coordinate legal review of cases and policies/procedures with the Town’s legal counsel.
• Confer regularly with Town officials, department heads and personnel to plan, coordinate and evaluate activities/projects/policies/systems, exchange information, explain and interpret policies and procedures, investigate and resolve problems, hear complaints and the like.
• Develop recommendations on policy matters for consideration by the Board.
• Serve as a principal Town liaison with the media, community groups, residents, government agencies, other municipalities, contractors, consultants, attorneys, elected officials and others outside Town government.
• Keep abreast of, and apprise Town officials regarding the implications of, a wide range of technical and legal developments affecting Town government.
• Encourage economic development within the Town.
General direction is received from the Town Select Board.
Administrative and functional supervision, direct and indirect, of all Town employees (except elected officials).
Bachelor’s degree in public administration, business administration or other appropriate discipline, plus 4 to 6 years of relevant technical and administrative experience or a combination of education and experience from which comparable knowledge and skills are acquired.
• Broad base of technical knowledge and skills related to municipal government operations, including public works and engineering, community relations, relevant state and federal law, development grants and so forth. Strong technical knowledge and skills related to budget and personnel management skills.
• Strong analytical and general problem-solving skills. Relevant experience in developing policies and procedures and in interpreting complex laws and regulations.
• Ability to deal effectively with and represent the Town to a wide range of individuals and groups outside Town government, as well as Town officials and personnel, frequently regarding highly sensitive and/or controversial matters. Good general public relations, negotiating and coordinating skills.

ADOPTED: October 6, 2021

How to Apply

Application Deadline
To apply, please email a cover letter and resume as PDF file attachments, in confidence, with Pittsford as the subject

Job Details

Job Function
Chief Administrator (City, County, Town Manager)
Position Type
Full Time

Town of Pittsford


426 Plains Rd
Pittsford, VT 05763-9109
United States

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