Town of Dumfries, VA

The Director of Planning & Community Development shall be responsible leading development efforts for the Town through responsible administration of the Town Code and Zoning Ordinance. The Director of Planning & Community Development shall have demonstrated knowledge within one or more planning specialties of transportation planning, comprehensive planning, and/or environmental planning. With minimal supervision, the Director of Planning & Community Development encourages Town development for the purpose of economic growth while simultaneously protecting the Town’s environment and heritage. The Director of Planning & Community Development must balance various needs to come up with innovative solutions for development. The Director of Planning & Community Development shall serve as the Town’s Zoning Administrator. This position reports directly to the Town Manager and serves on the Town’s Executive Leadership Team.

Key Responsibilities
• Works with other professionals such as architects, engineers and construction managers and surveyors
• Liaises with the public and counselors, attending public meetings about planning issues
• Prepares reports and plans relating to a variety of Town projects
• Understands population trends to predict the demand that will be made on an area
• Represents the Town in local and regional planning meetings and discussions
• Interprets and applies applicable state, county and local codes, ordinances and regulations
• Initiates actions necessary to correct deficiencies in Town Code and internal policies
• Conducts review of various development applications including plats, permits, site plans, variance requests and re-zonings
• Identifies community problems, issues, and opportunities that could be mitigated through better community planning
• Develops long range plans for communities with common developmental issues including Comprehensive and Master Plan documents
• Develops strategies to promote economic and community development or efficient land use consistent with community goals
• Other duties as assigned

Knowledge Skills & Abilities
• Well-developed knowledge of planning principles and practices
• In-depth knowledge of one or more planning specialization, such as economic development, transportation planning, or environmental planning
• Knowledge of principles, methodology, practices of research, data collection, and effective writing techniques
• Knowledge of or experience in community remediation and redevelopment, and knowledge of relevant Federal programs
• Statistical, algebraic, or geometric knowledge and ability to apply such knowledge in practical situations
• Knowledge of computer hardware and software programs, which may include Microsoft Office, Internet applications, econometric or transportation modeling, database management, or GIS
• Oral communication and interpersonal skills to present research findings to various boards and committees
• Ability to review plans and apply provisions of the ordinances and codes to determine compliance with such regulations and to apply regulations to field conditions
• Ability to work on several projects or issues simultaneously

How to Apply

Application Deadline
Please submit resume, cover letter, and completed application.

Job Details

Job Function
Planning Director
Position Type
Full Time

Town of Dumfries


17755 Main St
Dumfries, VA 22026-2386
United States

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