Police Chief

City of Wauwatosa, WI

The City of Wauwatosa is seeking a strong leader who demonstrates the experiences, skills and abilities described below.

The City and the Department expect the Chief to be an effective leader engaged with their employees, able to collaborate with others within and outside of the Department, and able to enthusiastically embrace challenges and opportunities to innovate and improve. The Chief must be a highly skilled developer of talent who uses that talent to ensure the Department moves forward to meet the future. The Chief must be comfortable making decisions and able to skillfully drive those decisions forward. The successful candidate must be able to build trust and confidence with all interested segments of the community. The Chief must be able to use their interpersonal skills to develop and maintain effective relationships and to use those relationships to create critical communication pathways throughout the Department and the community it serves.

Essential Functions:
Strategic Leadership:
The Chief will need to take an active role in setting the tone and the vision for the Department aligned with the needs of the community. They must be forward thinking, look beyond the status quo and envision what will be effective for the future. This person must be able to reach beyond the Police Department and collaborate across agencies to push forward public safety, recognizing that the goal of public safety is a community interest. The Chief will need to ensure their strategic perspective translates into day-to-day actions(e.g., policies, procedures, attitude and comportment) including open communication and accountability at all levels.

The Chief will demonstrate through word and deed the leadership behaviors of valuing the diversity of thought and background in consideration of the strategic vision. Further, the Chief must balance the needs of different constituencies within the community to ensure effective police services are provided to all. The Chief will serve as a role model for the Department in interacting with the community and beyond, guiding the staff in this process and ensuring community relations are effectively addressed at all levels. The Chief must lead by example and instill confidence in stakeholders and employees regarding the overall tone and direction of policing, ensuring that the Department is prepared to meet the needs of the future.

Team Leadership:
The Chief must be prepared to identify and build a strong leadership team who will be actively involved with the officers and supervisors in driving the Department forward. They must also be comfortable with and embrace interacting with and motivating the rank and file, while respecting the chain of command. The Chief must demonstrate care and concern for officers’ wellness. They must be capable of motivating and engaging all employees and garnering ownership in the goals of the Department including ensuring an accountability at all levels for actions taken. The Chief must be capable of reinforcing the values of inclusion and equity when interacting with and/or leading others. An open communication approach where officers and supervisors feel comfortable reporting both successes and failures is critical.

Operational Readiness/Emergency Action:
The Chief must actively evaluate the Department to ensure that it is positioned to respond to/handle a range of law enforcement responsibilities such as patrol, investigations, security, and other emergency situations including natural and man-made disasters. This readiness includes ensuring that training matches the operational and community needs, and that officers’ actions match the Department’s intent.

The Chief must be comfortable using modern policing methods including the use of crime statistics, crime prediction, and community-oriented policing. In addition, the Chief must collaborate with others (cities, departments, task forces, regional working groups, etc.) within the region to address and solve problems/issues affecting the community recognizing that Wauwatosa, while a medium-sized community, is affected by communities around it. The Chief must be the face of the Department and be prepared to respond to and support officers in the field.

Community Relations:
The Chief must be capable of and comfortable with interacting and responding to the community on current and trending issues of interest. Key to success in this aspect of the job will be embracing a community-oriented approach to policing, seeing the value in personal interactions, and modeling this behavior in order to lead the Department forward. The Chief must work to build trust and confidence in the Police Department with various stakeholders, looking for opportunities to be inclusive when seeking out community involvement.

The Chief must be able to use their interpersonal skills to develop and maintain effective relationships and to use those relationships to create critical communication pathways throughout the Department, the City, and the community it serves. The Chief must be proactive and transparent in the workings of the Department and able to communicate the challenges related to law enforcement and the steps taken to address the community’s concerns.

Managerial Stewardship:
The Chief must be able to perform a variety of management capabilities. The Chief will partner with other City departments on budget management, HR policies and procedures, legal processes/procedures, use of technology, and use of metrics/data to evaluate Department performance. The Chief must maintain a good working relationship with the police union while managing collective bargaining to the best interest of the City and community.

Government Relations:
The Chief works with the City Administrator on day-to-day operations, the Common Council on policy issues, and the Police and Fire Commission on hiring, firing, and discipline of employees. The Chief will serve as the primary point of contact with other agencies within the City and across the State and within the law enforcement community and should be sensitive to legislative issues related to police that may impact the Department and the City.

Budget and Financial Management:
The Chief identifies priorities for budget consideration and oversees the acquisition and use of resources in a fiscally sound manner. They must ensure that financial decisions align with the City and the community. The Chief must be able to seek out additional sources of revenue as needed and appropriate (e.g., financial assistance through grant writing or joint projects with other law enforcement agencies.) The Chief is expected to be involved and active in ensuring the Department is sensitive to a broader city-wide perspective on budget demands to be more innovative, efficient and effective.

Serves as staff liaison to boards, committees, and commissions; attends various evening meetings, seminars, and training sessions, and represents the City in its law enforcement capacity; participates in professional organizations; responds to public record requests in accordance with state law; develops innovative solutions to attracting, retaining and promoting diversity in the workforce.

Bachelor’s degree in police science, criminal justice, public administration, psychology, sociology or other related field required, or the equivalent combination of education and experience; a relevant Master’s Degree or higher is preferred.
Must have at least ten (10) years of police experience with at least five (5) of those years being increasingly responsible management experience in a command level capacity with a range of operational and administrative experience in an urban/suburban police department.
Wisconsin State certification as a Police Officer or be able to obtain certification within one year of employment.
Valid Driver’s license at time of application. If out of state, a WI license must be obtained within 60 days of hire.
Certification of firearms training and continuous education proficiencies are mandated yearly.
Completion of an advanced police leadership training, such as the FBI National Academy, Senior Management Institute for Police, or the Northwestern University School of Police or similar is preferred.
Must be able to pass a comprehensive law enforcement background investigation and psychological assessment.
Extensive knowledge of modern law enforcement practices, principles & policies required; must be comfortable using these policing methods including the use of crime statistics, crime prediction and community-oriented policing.
Extensive experience in driving law enforcement practices that exemplify fairness, consistency, respect for differences and absolute compliance with applicable laws, statutes and departmental and city-wide policies.
Superior verbal and written communication skills.
Must be able to motivate and lead by example through honesty, integrity, openness, and transparency
Leadership experience in a variety of management functions such as HR, legal, performance management, discipline, recruitment, budget and labor negotiations preferred.
Proven ability to foster effective and positive working relationships with external and internal customers, including employees, residents, visitors and city officials.
The City of Wauwatosa reserves the right to utilize equivalencies where deemed appropriate with regard to education and experience requirements and may consider combinations of education and experience likely to lead to success with essential duties and responsibilities.

Salary and Benefits:
Starting salary range is $100,235 to $137,425, depending on qualifications; complimented by an excellent benefits package; Retirement benefits through the Wisconsin Retirement System state pension plan; Robust wellness program, including an on-site free health clinic and fitness classes

The City of Wauwatosa is an equal opportunity employer. We're passionate about creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and values diversity.

How to Apply

Application Deadline
Visit our website to apply by 4/16/21: www.wauwatosa.net

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Job Function
Chief Law Enforcement Official
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Full Time

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