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ICMA is proud to call ICMA-RC our exclusive partner in the retirement services industry.

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The ICMA and ICMA-RC Relationship

In 1972, following four years of effort and with a Ford Foundation grant, ICMA secured approval from the Internal Revenue Service to create a deferred compensation program that would ensure retirement income for ICMA members. ICMA established ICMA-RC as a stand-alone organization and over the past four and a half decades ICMA-RC has grown but its mission has remained focused on helping public sector employees build retirement security.

ICMA is proud to call ICMA-RC our exclusive retirement services partner and to help bring the expertise of the ICMA-RC team to local government leaders and their staffs as they plan for the future.



Retirement Education Center

Helping public sector employees engage, build and realize retirement.

Cost of Delay Calculator

See why saving early matters.

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See how much your savings can grow.

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ICMA-RC Encourages Public Sector Employees to Take Action during America Saves Week

Assess your 2020 savings goals during America Saves Week and take action to make sure you are on track for a secure retirement!