How Professional Managers Support Elected Officials

Every Coach Needs a Quarterback

The coach holds the vision and calls the plays, while the quarterback goes out on the field and makes it happen.

Like a coach, elected officials have a vision for their communities. Professional city, town, or county managers, and the teams they lead, use their strengths in leadership, management, and ethics to make them a reality.

Professional Local Government Managers:
  • Translate policy and visionary ideas into real results
  • Develop sound approaches to community challenges
  • Align the local government's administrative systems with the values, mission, and policy goals defined by the community and elected officials

How Elected Officials and Managers Work Together

The power and authority to set policy rests with elected officials, such as a mayor or chairperson and members of a community's council, commission, or board.

The mayor or governing body appoints a nonpartisan, nonpolitical professional manager.

The manager serves at the pleasure of the elected official or governing body and
  • procures products and services
  • supervises department heads
  • engages all groups in the community in decision-making
  • develops and oversees the budget
  • makes policy recommendations to the council for consideration and final decision

The manager is bound by whatever action the council takes, and power always remains in the hands of the elected representatives of the people.



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