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#SheLeadsGov: Advancing Women in the Local Government Profession
State based women in local government groups can share resources and inspire other women to start groups and develop programming in their own states.  Request group membership
Addressing the Mental and Public Health Issues of Incarcerated Populations
Request group membership
Annual Conference Host Committees
Request group membership
CP29 Installation Command Fellowship (CMSFP)
For hosts and Fellows participating in the City/County Senior Fellowship Program through the U.S. Army's CP29 Installation Command program. Request group membership
Digital Strategies Advisory Board
Request group membership
First-time Administrators
Request group membership
ICMA Credentialed Managers & Candidates
The program recognizes professional local government managers who are qualified by a combination of education and experience in local government manangement Request group membership
ICMA Influencer Group
Whether you’re an expert on a topic, or you’re just interested in spreading the word-- this group of social media influencers shares the good news about ICMA Request group membership
ICMA International Committee, Affiliates and Friends
This group is an information sharing and discussion forum for members of the ICMA International Committee, International Affiliates, and other interested individuals. Request group membership
ICMA Welcome Ambassadors
This ICMA member committee welcomes new members to ICMA. Request group membership