About the GEC

ICMA has a long history of dialogue with the academic community through various member committees and task forces, each of which has worked cooperatively with a task force of professors appointed by NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration). The purpose of this dialogue and liaison is to improve the educational preparation of the next generation of local government managers.

The GEC is a member committee that meets jointly with professors of public administration for the purpose of enhancing the education of future local government management professionals. GEC members are appointed by ICMA's President and work hand-in-hand with NASPAA's Local Government Management Education Committee, through two subcommittees and break-out interest groups. Each subcommittee is led by one of two vice-chairs:

  • Academic Connections
    • Local Government Management Competencies
    • Getting Managers into the Classroom
    • Connections Between GEC and ICMA State Affiliates
  • Future of the Profession
    • Learning by Experience (internships, research projects, etc.)
    • New Career Paths
    • Filling the Grad School Pipeline

The GEC has created a number of useful tools for improving the education of future managers, including Management Internships Guidebook, and Guidelines for Managers Who Teach.

The GEC meets at the ICMA annual conference on Sunday morning from 8-10am, followed by the Academic Symposium from 10am-2:45pm.


All committee communication is managed through our group listserv. GEC members can sign-up for the group listserv by contacting staff liaison Rob Carty.


View the committee members in our online directory.  You must be a member of ICMA and logged-in to use this link as it contains contact information. To join the committee, sign-up during ICMA's volunteer process at icma.org/serve-the-profession.


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