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Time and Travel Commitments

Board Meetings 

The board meets four times per year.  There are meetings Friday and Saturday immediately before the annual conference and then a Thursday through Saturday schedule in:

- mid-November or mid-December
- mid-February to mid-March
- mid-to-late June.

Board members have the opportunity to comment on dates proposed by the president-elect before they are finalized.

Conference call meetings also may be scheduled during the year.

State and Committee/Affiliate Meetings

Vice Presidents

  • The three vice presidents in each U.S. region share representation responsibilities for state associations. Vice presidents typically attend two or three state meetings in addition to their own. International vice presidents may attend one affiliate country’s meeting other than their own. 
  • As liaisons to committees, task forces, or affiliates, vice presidents usually attend only those meetings held at the annual conference. 
  • U.S. vice presidents decide, by region, whether to conduct separate winter regional meetings with officers and if so, who will attend. 


Attends approximately 10 meetings, including some state and affiliate meetings, ICMA-RC board meetings, and one international meeting.

Other Responsibilities

The final report of the Task Force on Financing ICMA recommended a major membership recruitment and retention effort for the coming five years.  The goal is for ICMA to retain its current membership, attract managers and assistants who are currently not members, and encourage the next generation of managers to join the Association.   When the board adopted the final report in July 2004, the board made a personal commitment to recruit new members in their regions.  This commitment was reaffirmed by the current board.  They have developed work plans for each region and established specific recruitment goals.  These will be updated annually.  Senior vice presidents take the lead role in each region.

There is considerable reading and member contact in between these meetings, such as monthly board mailings/e-mails, agenda materials for board meetings, regular phone contact, and correspondence with members and with ICMA staff.

Financial Commitments

ICMA pays for almost all travel obligations of board members. The only exceptions are the annual conference and the member's own state/country meeting, because it is assumed that all board members would be attending those events anyway. ICMA pays hotel and group meal costs of the two extra days of the preconference board meetings.  Travel expenses are reimbursed for all assigned state travel and for nonconference board meetings.