FREE WEBINAR: Creating a Culture for Cultivating Talent and Getting Results

Jun 20, 2018 - Jun 20, 2018
01:00 pm - 02:30 pm ET


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Learn how to design your workplace for better results.

What we'll cover:
  1. How to design your workplace for better results
  2. Practical steps to help your agency attract, grow, and retain talent
  3. Resources for support
  • Charlie Bush, city manager, Sequim, WA
  • Karen Niparko, executive director, human resources, City and County of Denver, CO
  • Nat Rojanasathira, administrative services director, Danville, CA, and Donna Vaillancourt, human resources director, San Mateo County, CA, [reporting on Cal-ICMA Talent Development Initiative]

ICMA-CM: This webinar meets Practice Areas 4 (Staff Effectiveness), 7 (Strategic Planning) and 13 (Human Resources Management and Workforce Engagement) of ICMA’s Practices for Effective Local Government Leadership.

Post-Webinar Discussion Questions:
  1. What areas of our culture and practices need attention and how do we engage our employees in this discussion?
  2. What resources would we like to tap to support us?
  3. What actions would we like to take?

Note: please "white list" or "allow sender" for "" to receive confirmation email for the webinar. We’ll be using webinar tools (including real-time questions and live polling) to make this a great opportunity for audience interaction.



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  • Jun 20, 2018 - Jun 20, 2018
  • 01:00 pm 02:30 pm ET
  • Registration Deadline: 06/20/2018


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