ICMA is committed to providing workshops that are affordable, accessible, and designed to meet the specific needs of local government professionals. By partnering with localities, state associations, and universities in the delivery of these programs, we are able to reduce travel costs and provide high-quality workshops.

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Half-day workshops: $3,960 for states with a signed affiliation agreement with ICMA for up to 50 participants. Non-affiliated states pay an additional fee.

Workshop: Building a Culture of Ethical Behavior in Your Organization

Building a culture of ethical behavior in the organization is one of a leader’s most challenging yet essential jobs. The local government environment is complicated: government employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, often without strong knowledge of good government practices, and citizens have long held a basic distrust of government and its employees. We are all faced with ethical dilemmas in our jobs, and knowing the right thing to do is not always easy or clear. This workshop will offer a framework, complete with practical strategies and tools, through which you, as a leader, can foster an ethical workplace and effectively deal with the difficult situations that arise. (Practice Group 1 - Personal and Professional Integrity) 

Workshop: Ethics at Work!

Practical Ethics Tools and Strategies Suitable for All Staff to Improve Conduct in the Workplace [with Real-Life Examples] 

One way of helping protect the integrity of your organization is to keep ethics in the forefront with your employees. Ethics At Work Workshop is about helping your staff identify and resolve ethical issues and establishing a foundation for a strong and successful workplace and life.

As we've all seen in the news, it seems that ethical choices are more complex when people are under pressure. In the public sector, we need to understand that while something might be legal, it doesn't mean it's ethical. In these challenging times, everyone could use a refresher to help build skills and learn practical strategies for making ethical choices. Ethics At Work Workshop is based on the values of public service, and will provide a framework for addressing everyday ethical issues and serve as a platform for participant discussion about many common ethical concerns, such as:

  • balancing what’s legal versus what’s ethical
  • addressing perceived and/or real conflicts of interest
  • accepting gifts / favors
  • ethics and the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, and texting in the workplace
  • how your actions affect the ethics climate in your organization

You will tackle real-world case studies to give you and your staff an eye-opening perspective on a topic that sometimes gets taken for granted. You’ll be surprised at how difficult a seemingly simple ethical choice can be—especially in local government, where your choices need to build trust and confidence with the public you serve.

You and your staff will:

  • Build awareness of the core values of public service
  • Enhance ethical decision-making skills
  • Learn practical strategies to strengthen work environments
  • Build ethical habits.

(Practice Group 1 - Personal and Professional Integrity)


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