Encore Manager / Senior Manager Resources

An initial list of resources for managers considering their next life phase.

Resources and Opportunities for Encore Managers

The Committee on Senior Managers/Encore Managers has compiled an initial list of resources for managers considering their next life phase and encore opportunities.  Look into the peer coaching opportunities available for your next life phase.





General Resources and Advice


  • 2016 ICMA Advisory Board On Graduate Education; Managers as Teachers: A Practitioner’s Guide To Teaching Public Administration.  3rd edition.  ICMA, 2016.

  • Block, Peter; Flawless Consulting--A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used

  • Bridges, William; Transitions

  • Crowley, Chris and Lodge, Henry S., MD; Younger Next Year

  • Freedman, Marc; Encore: Finding Work That Matters In the Second Half of Life

  • Gardner, John W.; Self-Renewal

  • Hudson, Frederic; The Adult Years

  • Leider, Richard J. and Shapiro, David A.; Repacking Your Bags

  • Leider, Richard J. and Shapiro, David A.; Claiming A Place At the Fire

  • Leider, Richard J. and Webber, Alan; Life Reimagined: Discovering Your Life Possibilities

  • Zelinski, Ernie; How To Retire Happy, Wild and Free



The Cal-ICMA Committee on Senior Managers/Encore Managers has released five "how-to" papers. These papers focus on assisting local government managers who are retiring from full-time careers and wish to explore encore careers.

If you would like to suggest a resource to be shared with colleagues, please contact Michael Garvey at garveycgs@yahoo.com


To help you think about your potential “encore” experiences, Cal-ICMA has organized a one-to-one peer coaching service.  If you are thinking of transitioning into your next life phase or have already left full-time local government management, you may wish to connect with a manager who has already began his/her encore adventure.

Role of the Peer Coach

The role of the peer coach is to support you in your encore journey.  The peer coach will listen to your hopes and dreams as well as any fears and concerns you may have about your next life phase. By asking questions, the coach can help you clarify your aspirations and provide feedback about some options and potential encore activities that you may wish to consider given your dreams.  In so doing, the coach may relate his/her journey and provide any personal lessons learned.  The coach may suggest some opportunities, contacts, and ways to practice or “rehearse” encore experiences before you commit to fully pursuing them.

Coaching is a conversation.  Coaching can be a one-time conversation, two or three discussions, or an ongoing relationship depending on the desires of both coachee and coach.

Selecting a Peer Coach

Below are the profiles of those encore managers who are and enthusiastic about supporting your next life phase journey.  We suggest that you review the profiles and select one or two coaches to contact.  Each peer coach has indicated areas in which he or she is engaged as an encore.  If you interested in teaching or interim management, you may wish to contact one of the coaches who have had that experience.

Different Journeys

Read vignettes by individual managers about their encore careers.

Profiles of Peer Coaches

Click here for profiles of available peer coaches in the Encore / Senior Manager program.

A model for a peer coaching conversation

How to Create a Great Coaching Relationship developed by Don Maruska, Director of the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program.  The model provides a sequence of seven steps to guide your coaching conversation.

Serving as a Peer Coach

If you have already embarked and wish to serve as a peer coach, contact Frank Benest at frank@frankbenest.com.