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CalICMA Talent 2.0

Local governments have not adequately prepared for the baby-boomer retirement wave and are struggling to fill the void; yet there is reason for hope. Local governments  possess a potential advantage in attracting and retaining today’s talent. This is because today’s work force seeks meaning in their work and wants to make a difference. At its core, the purpose of local government is to serve communities and provide for a high quality of life for residents. Careers in local government are an opportunity to contribute
to building communities – what better way to have impact?

The purpose of the Cal-ICMA Talent Initiative is to help managers in local government focus on the business imperative of attracting, retaining, and growing talent. 

To assess the talent challenges facing local governments in California, the Cal-ICMA Talent Initiative Team reviewed current talent management literature, administered a  survey of 372 senior managers, conducted interviews with private and non-profit sector thought leaders, and facilitated 11 focus groups throughout California involving 272 local government managers.