Opening Discussion

Welcome to the restart of the military veterans group. I would like to welcome all the previous group members as well as all the fellows from VLGMF Cohort 18-03. Our newest member Robin Farris who is a retired naval officer and would like to learn and network with other veterans who have successfully transitioned to local government. Any advice for our fellow or our newest member?


Hello Robin,  I am the County

Hello Robin,  I am the County Manager at York County, S.C.  I have worked my way from an analyst to both City and County Manager.  I would recommend starting as a deputy or department head as it is a different type of leadership at the local government.  There is a lot of learning about how "civilians" deal with taking and giving orders.  Please feel free to call anytime.  Thanks,



Welcome aboard.  My transition occurred as a company grade infantry officer 25 years ago starting as a subject matter technical analyst in a large community before moving up the public works chain and spending last 20 years as CAO in small full service communities.  I concur with Bill's comment that it helps to start as deputy, department director or project manager.  There is a lot of flexibility in transition career options depending depending on your military career path.  Base/garrison commanders,  Corps of Engineers/CEC, logistics, finance/comptroller, base/garrison operations staff etc have a more direct correlation with the technical side of local government management.   Geography and relocation are another significant flexibility factor.  Positions on coasts/in or near major metro areas are more competitive; in land communities and smaller cities/towns often have fewer applicants are likely to be more open to high quality, non-traditional management.  Contact me if I can be of any assistance.