Coaching Program & Resources

More details on the wealth of resources available to you through the Cal-ICMA Coaching program. Check out the newly updated Coaches Gallery!

Program Elements

Coaching Program Services: Webinars on Key Leadership Topics 
  • Past sessions (click on Agendas & Archives tab for recordings of past sessions and resource materials)

One-to-One Coaching:

For aspiring managers who want a volunteer senior manager to help them advance in their careers.  Develop a One-On-One Coaching Agreement.

Coaches Gallery:  

  • Do you want a one-to-one coach to help you accelerate your advancement in local government management? It's simple! Click here to learn how to get started and to tap into some great resources.
  • Our Coaches Gallery profiles of 100 senior managers at multiple levels who have volunteered to serve as coaches.

Career Compass Columns:  

Written by ICMA Liaison for Next Generation Activities, Dr. Frank Benest, these regular columns will help you navigate your course to a successful public sector career.  The columns highlight practical and insightful advice to help address leadership and career development challenges.  Recent topics have focused on a broad array of topics including leading without authority, selling your ideas, communicating with your boss, dealing with angry crowds, and Frank’s rules for resume writing.  Click here to view all of the Career Compass columns. Submit your own ideas for future columns to Frank Benest at

Online Interviews with Senior Managers and Emerging Leaders:

Click here to view YouTube interviews with local government managers and emerging leaders in the profession.  Learn why they love what they do.

"e-Coaching" Program:

Features a "Dear eCoach" column and allows individuals to submit email questions on career topics which are forwarded anonymously to a team of Cal-ICMA coaches. The questioner will get an e-mail response and the answers (without identifying the questioner) will also appear in the "Dear eCoach" column.

Local Area Networking Events:  

Conducted by Area Manager Groups to promote interaction between local public agency executives and aspiring managers.

OTHER useful coaching sites and resources

California Special Districts Association (CSDA) Coaching Site

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