Scholarships & Events Committee

The Scholarships & Events Committee

The Cal-ICMA Bylaws specify that the Scholarships & Events Committee shall be composed of no fewer than ten members. In the selection of members, consideration will be given to such representation factors as agency or jurisdiction size, geographical location, and membership profile (e.g., city, county, academic, Cal-ICMA members, etc.).

Committee members’ terms of office shall be two (2) years.

Duties and responsibilities are as follows:

Duties and responsibilities are as follows: 

  1. award educational scholarships to Cal-ICMA members to encourage leadership development in the profession;
  2. develop Cal-ICMA sponsored or co-sponsored professional development and networking events;
  3. work to attract ICMA training events to California;
  4. program sessions at coordinating organizations’ events that are open to all Cal-ICMA members;
  5. develop and implement programs and projects that promote recruitment and retention of talented individuals (including mentoring).

Additionally, the Committee will publicize and coordinate the scheduling of ICMA University events in California.

Committee Roster

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