Manager in Residence Program

The City/County Manager In Residence program provides an opportunity for university MPA or similar programs to host a city or county Manager for a week on campus.



As part of the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program, the City/County Manager-In-Residence project provides an opportunity for university MPA or similar programs to host a city or county manager for a week on campus. This opportunity will also be open to “Next Phase / Encore” managers who have recently retired from full-time positions.  The university will schedule the Manager to make in-class presentations, provide advice or coaching on career development, and interact with students and faculty and career center staff.


  • Provide undergraduate and master-level students with a practitioner’s “in-the-trenches” perspectives on local government challenges and leadership and career development topics
  • Promote the rewards and benefits of local government management careers and thereby attract university students into local government
  • Offer students and faculty the opportunity to interact and network informally with a City or County Manager
  • Enhance the curriculum of MPA and other Masters programs

    Renew and refresh senior local government managers with an on-campus experience

Responsibilities of City/County Manager

  • Arrange for travel to and from university
  • Free up a week to reside at the university and participate in classes and activities scheduled by the hosting university program
  • Prepare for any formal presentations based on topics identified in advance by the university program
  • Make several in-class presentations and participate in informal meetings with students and faculty and career center staff
  • Team up, as an option, with an Emerging Leader from the Manager’s local government organization in order to provide some of the presentations
  • Provide written feedback, observations, and suggestions to the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program based on the one-week residency

Responsibilities of the Local Government Agency

  • Continue salary and benefits for the Manager during the week of residence (or Manager can take appropriate leave time for the week-long residence)

Responsibilities of the Hosting University Program

  • Schedule the week with the selected City/County Manager (during mid-quarter or mid-semester to avoid exams)
  • Identify and schedule the in-class presentations and topics as well as informal meetings and conversations between the Manager and students and faculty members
  • Schedule the Manager to meet with appropriate staff at the Career Center to provide info and promote local government careers
  • Provide accommodations and some designated meals for the Manager, preferably on campus, as well as pay for travel expenses
  • Promote the Manager-In-Residence among students and faculty
  • Host, as an optional event, a Roundtable Discussion involving the Manager-In-Residence, other local government managers from the area, and students and faculty on selected issues
  • Provide written feedback and suggestions for the future based on the one-week residency

Responsibilities of Cal-ICMA Coaching Program

  • Market the Manager-In-Residence project to university MPA programs and other similar programs
  • Recruit City and County Managers to participate
  • Select university programs to participate
  • Match Managers and universities
  • Provide some basic materials on local government careers
  • Promote the results of the pilot project in California and nationally
  • Otherwise oversee the pilot project and offer guidance for participating universities and Managers

Anticipated Outcomes

  • A minimum of two matches in the first year and four matches in the second  year
  • A written summary of the feedback from each of the hosting university programs submitted to the Cal-ICMA Coaching Program
  • A summary of observations and feedback from the Manager-In-Residence
  • A report distributed through Cal-ICMA and ICMA summarizing experiences, results, lessons, and recommendations after the two-year pilot


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