Contacting Cal-ICMA

ICMA West Coast Regional Director

Since 1990, ICMA has had dedicated staff presence with a Western U.S. Director in the West Coast Region. In April 2011, Kevin Duggan, retired city manager of Mountain View, began his tenure as ICMA West Coast Regional Director. Please contact Kevin with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding ICMA and its support of the West Coast Region. Additional contacts and staff resources are listed below. 

  • Kevin C. Duggan,  ICMA West Coast Regional Director; / 202-962-3583

In addition, California has ICMA Liaisons and one ICMA West Coast Regional Vice-President who serves as ICMA Board Liaison.

ICMA Liaisons

CAL-ICMA President

ICMA West Coast Regional Vice President

ICMA Headquarters Staff

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