Cal-ICMA Board Members

Listing of Cal-ICMA Board members and ICMA support.

Board Roster Cal-ICMA



President, Magda Gonzalez, former City Manager, City of Half Moon Bay


Vice President, Steve Rogers, Town Manager, Town of Yountville


Past President, Greg Hermann, Assistant to the City Manager, City of San Luis Obispo

Principle Assistant

Laura Biery, Deputy City Manager, City of West Covina CMD

Brett Channing, Director of Management Services, City of Lake Forest


Bruce Channing, City Manager, City of Laguna Hills

ICMA Regional Vice President

Birgitta Corsello, County Administrator, County of Solano CACE
Ashley Garcia, Management Analyst, City of Costa Mesa MMASC

Jovan Grogan, Deputy City Manager, City of Concord 


Carla Hansen, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Walnut Creek MMANC

Tammy Letourneau, Assistant CEO, City of Costa Mesa


Miranda Lutzow, Director of Administrative Services, City of Waterford MMANC

Pat Martel, City Manager, City of Daly City


Chet Newland, Senior Professor of Public Administration, University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law

At-Large Academic

Kevin O'Rourke, Retired City Manager, Consultant

At-Large Retiree

Karen Pinkos, Assistant City Manager, City of El Cerrito ICMA President-elect

Marcia Raines, City Manager, City of Millbrae


Ed Shikada, Assistant City Manager, City of Palo Alto


A. J. Wilson, ICMA Senior Advisor

At-Large Senior Advisor

Tony Winney, Assistant to the City Manager, City of Vista



COG Directors


Kevin Duggan, Retired City Manager, Mountain View

ICMA West Coast Regional Director

Frank Benest, ICMA Liaison for Next Generation Initiatives

Next Generation Program & Encore / Senior Manager Program

Pam Easter, ICMA Liaison 

ICMA (Southern California)

Mike Garvey, ICMA Liaison 

ICMA (Northern California)

Dave Mora, ICMA Liaison

Liaison to MMANC/MMASC

Jan Perkins, ICMA Liaison 

ICMA (Southern California & Women Leading Government)

Rita Soler Ossolinski, Washington, DC

ICMA, Director of State & Affiliate Relations

Revised  1/22/2018

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