New Tool to Support Local Homelessness Efforts

Joint Homelessness Task Force issues new report for cities and counties.

ICMA Annual Conference Scholarship from Cal-ICMA

Cal-ICMA will support three first-time attendees for the 2018 ICMA Annual Conference.

Ethics Series: See Something, Say Something

All employees have a stake in reporting incidents of suspected or actual wrongdoing.

Cal-ICMA Scholarship Winners: In Their Own Words

Four recipients of scholarship support from Cal-ICMA share their experiences at the West Coast EPLI and Regional Summit in Burlingame

New Tools for ICMA Credentialing in California

Build awareness of the skills and experience required of the City Manager profession by earning the ICMA Credentialed Manager (ICMA-CM) designation!.

Cal-ICMA Launches Talent Initiative

Cal-ICMA announces the launch of a new program which moves our Next Generation efforts to a new level.

Contacting Cal-ICMA

ICMA West Coast Since 1990, ICMA has had dedicated staff presence with a Western U.S. Director in the West Coast Region. In April 2011, Kevin Duggan, retired city manager of Mountain View, began his tenure as ICMA West Coast Regional Director. Please contact Kevin with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding ICMA and its support of the West Coast Region. Additional contacts and staff ressources are listed below.  Kevin C. Duggan,  ICMA West Coast Regional Director; w 202/962-3583 c  650/888-5850 In addition, California has five ICMA Liaisons and one ICMA West Coast Regional Vice-President who serves as ICMA Board Liaison. Senior Advisors: Frank Benest, ICMA ICMA Liaison (Next Generation Initiatives); Pam Easter, ICMA Liaison,  Michael Garvey, ICMA Liaison (Northern California); Jan Perkins, ICMA Liaison (Southern California and Women Leading Government);   Dave Mora, ICMA Liaison (MMANC/SC); CAL-ICMA PRESIDENT: Greg Hermann, Assistant to the City Manager, San Luis Obispo, California; ICMA West Coast REGIONAL Vice President: Bruce Channing, City Manager, Laguna Hills, California; ICMA Board Liaison to Cal-ICMA; ICMA Headquarters Staff: Rita OssolinskiDirector, State & Affiliate Relationsrossolinski@icma.orgPhone:  202/962-3635