Why It’s Time to Make Time


Jul 11, 2016 | BLOG POST

Think back to a time when someone made a difference in your life – personally or professionally. How long did they engage with you? What part of their message empowered you? How has it impacted you and where you are today?

In a recent TedxAmericanUniversity, Patrick Malone, director of the key executive leadership programs at American University, opens up about the time he was 19 years old and working at a hospital as a surgical technologist. He had the opportunity to sit down with the chief executive officer and unbeknownst to him, he’d leave that brief encounter empowered and ready to make a new career move. He also left with a greater outlook on time, and why it is so important to give it to others. His philosophy: It may change someone’s life. It may change yours. And if you’re lucky, it may change both at the same time.

Learn more about this philosophy, the importance of taking the time, and what that really means by watching the Tedx video below. 


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