Sustainability at the ICMA Annual Conference

Jun 30, 2015 | BLOG POST

ICMA is happy to announce an exciting array of sustainability-focused educational content for the ICMA Annual Conference in Seattle, Sept. 27-30.  See below for some of the educational sessions, special sessions, learning lounges and workshops that will be provided by ICMA staff and our partners.  You can also see the full line-up of sessions online here. 




Smart Cities Readiness

Saturday, Sept. 29 1:00-4:30PM

ICMA University Workshop

Registration Required




Solar Powering Your Community: Planning and Zoning for Solar Energy Use

Sunday, Sept. 27 11:00-12:30PM

Special Session

Sunlight is a local resource. In fact it’s similar in some ways to local oil, gas, or mineral deposits. While all cities and counties can choose to take steps to make it easier for residents and businesses to use sunlight to produce heat or electricity, these choices about solar energy use can affect the use or conservation of other local resources. This session will cover the fundamentals of planning and zoning for solar energy use. After a brief introduction to some key solar-related terms, David Morley, AICP, and Anna Read, AICP, from the American Planning Association will discuss how solar energy fits into a larger community conversation about growth and change over time. Then they will share some important considerations related to prioritizing locations for solar energy systems and offer some guidelines for incorporating solar-supportive language into local plans and development regulations.

Learn more about ICMA’s work with solar here.

Bullitt Center: The World’s Greenest Commercial Building

Sunday, Sept. 27 12:45 - 2:15PM

Field Demo

The Bullitt Center, described by Architectural Digest as "the greenest office building in the world," reduces the energy use of an average office by 90 percent; generates more power than it uses; collects all of its water and composts all of its sewage – all while providing a beautiful Class A office environment for less than a 20 percent price premium. 



Cross Kirkland Corridor: Creating an Economic Engine

Monday, Sept. 28 9:45 - 12:15PM

Field Demo

Tour the city’s Cross Kirkland Corridor to learn how the City master planned this multipurpose transportation corridor that is becoming an economic engine. Enjoy the fabulous views, hear about courageous visioning and see where Google, Inc. is adding 1,000 jobs. This tour is outdoors. Participants will walk a portion of the crushed gravel trail.  

Building Relationships Across Borders through City-to-City Partnerships

Monday, Sept. 28 10:30-11:00AM

Learning Lounge

City Managers’ Design Academy

Monday, Sept. 28 11:30-12:30PM

Roundtable Session

Design academy workshops strengthen managers’ design leadership skills and offer hands-on support in the development and design of ongoing projects like downtown revitalization, multi-modal transportation, and more. Learn about this technical assistance opportunity and talk to managers who have participated. 

Creating Sustainability Champions from Within

Monday, Sept. 28 11:30-12:30PM

Roundtable Session

No matter where they sit in the org chart, all staff benefit from understanding what sustainability is and why it’s relevant to their job. What models and methods have other communities used? Get the info you need to empower staff back home to be your champions.

Microsoft Visit: Smart Buildings 

Monday, Sept. 28 12:45 - 4PM

Tuesday, Sept. 29 12:45 - 4PM

Field Demo

A team at Microsoft turned its 500-acre headquarters into a smart campus to achieve energy savings and other efficiency gains. See the campus and hear how Microsoft applied an “Internet of Things meets Big Data” approach, inventing a data-driven software solution that is slashing the cost of operating 125 buildings on campus. The company and its partners are now helping building managers across the world deploy the same solution. 

What’s New in the World of 311?

Monday, Sept. 28 4:00-5:00PM

Roundtable Session

Two experts in the field of 311 Customer Engagement and CRM Systems for Government will lead a group discussion on what’s happening in the field and questions that local government managers need to consider when they are preparing to implement a centralized customer service system. Trending practices in operations, outreach, and social media usage will be explored.




Keeping Plans off the Shelf

Tuesday, Sept. 29 11:00-12:15PM

Educational Session

 How have your peers taken plans from paper to reality? Hear what the latest research has to say, then learn the structures, systems, and tactics implemented by Fort Lauderdale, FL and Evanston, IL to get their plans off the shelf and in to the community.

Learn more about ICMA’s work with sustainability planning here.

Growing Your Local Food System: Idea and Resource Exchange

Tuesday, Sept. 29 12:30-1:45PM

Special Session

Want to learn how other local governments use food systems to address issues of public health, social equity, economic development, or environmental sustainability? Drawing on research, this session will facilitate an exchange of ideas. Come with questions and leave with actionable insight!

Learn more about ICMA’s work with local food systems here.

Insights from the Field: Strategies to Support Economic Turnaround

Tuesday, Sept. 29 12:30-1:45PM

Special Session

Drawing on its experience partnering with cities around the country and its research on key topics, such as the role of anchor institutions in spurring economic turnaround, representatives from the National Resource Network will discuss innovation solutions for bolstering economically challenged communities.

Learn more about ICMA’s work with the National Resource Network here.

Sustainability Indicators of Success

Tuesday, Sept. 29 3:30-4:00PM

Learning Lounge



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